Instagram Video causes uproar in Brewster community

A video purportedly made by several former Brewster High School students came to light this past weekend in which the students used several racist epithets towards the African American community in town and in the school. The video was obtained and posted on Instagram and has since gone viral. Several heated discussions on Facebook have ensued regarding the video and the identity of the teens involved has not been verified by this reporter although several local residents have "outed" them and their families on Facebook.

One of the female teenagers involved and seen in the video issued a statement on Instagram late Sunday in which she claimed it was a drunken, stupid mistake done at a recent party and that she was sorry she partook in the video and apologized to the students and others offended. The remarks regarding her statement have not been kind to say the least. Several remarked that blaming the others and the alcohol was disingenuous and that her apology was not at all believable. 

In addition, comments are being made on various Brewster Facebook Groups, businesses pages and posts claiming that Brewster and the school system are "racist". Offense has been taken by the community at large, not only at the contents of the video but also it's effect on Brewster. Members of the community have expressed their outraged by the stigma placed on the community because of this viral video.

Several parents on Facebook have also been asking if there can be a town hall meeting or assembly to address the issue. Others have stated that as reprehensible as the words in the video are that it is protected free speech according to the Supreme Court. Still others felt that the students should be suspended and their impending colleges be notified of their behavior.




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