Newcanaan's HamletHub Sun, 17 Dec 2017 03:02:09 -0500 New Canaan Library Presents: A Celebration of Holiday Classics on Sunday, December 17

New Canaan Library Presents: A Celebration of Holiday Classics on Sunday, December 17

New Canaan Library will host a festive and fabulous holiday concert performed by Maria Tiscia, David Oliver, and Jim Scianna. This wonderful trio will be performing all of your favorite holiday classics. There will be a variety of songs made famous by timeless composers and singers such as: Irving Berlin, Frank Sinatra, Andy Williams, Perry Como, Mel Torme, Brenda Lee, Miss Piggy, and a selection from Charlie Brown’s Christmas Special.


Jim Scianna has been performing professionally since 1971 in ensembles ranging from duets to big band and orchestras. He is a graduate of Western Connecticut State University with a master’s in music education.

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U.S. News & World Report Names Waveny Among the Nation's Best

U.S. News & World Report released its official list of Best Nursing Homes for 2017-18, and Waveny Care Center of New Canaan was once again named among the nation’s best.

A leading expert in the evaluation of healthcare providers, U.S. News bases its nursing home ratings on data from Nursing Home Compare, a star-rating system developed by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) that serves as the industry standard for assessing nursing home quality.

Waveny is one of only 13 Medicare and Medicaid accredited nursing homes in Fairfield County to boast an overall 5-star CMS rating, which is based on three separate categories of criteria: Health inspections, staffing and quality measures.

“Maintaining a 5-star ranking is no simple feat,” said Bill Piper, CEO of Waveny LifeCare Network. “But, to be able to do it while steadily advancing the acuity of our inpatient care, speaks to a whole other level of hard work and achievement. The reality facing our organization, and all nursing homes and rehabilitation facilities, is that the care needs of today’s patients are becoming increasingly complex, and will continue to grow. Waveny remains committed to staying ahead of the curve, and meeting these needs – both today and tomorrow – with the highest quality of care possible.”

To qualify as a Best Nursing Home by U.S. News & World Report this year, facilities had to earn an average of 4.5 stars or better during the 12 months of federal reports ending in October 2017, and had to consistently meet certain performance standards set by U.S. News during the period, including earning at least 4 stars in CMS’s overall rating for all 12 months.

“This honor points to a huge amount of collaboration between all of Waveny’s disciplines and departments,” said Lynn Iverson, Waveny’s Campus Administrator. “It reflects our seasoned team’s commitment to working together toward a common goal, and the degree of expertise and experience it takes to expand upon our quality initiatives.”

Waveny Resident Council president, Gerry Roberts, says that Waveny’s most defining asset is its staff, and the personal attention shown to every resident and short-term rehab patient. “Their one-on-one approach is a Waveny hallmark,” said Roberts. “It’s difficult to quantify or measure personal relationships, but in talking to residents and families, it’s clear that their personal touch is at the heart of our prestigious rating.”

 “Our designation among the best of the best has everything to do with our staff, and their willingness to constantly rise to new levels to embrace the ongoing and inevitable changes in our healthcare environment,” said Claudia Katz, Director of Nursing at the Care Center.  “This ranking is recognition of our team’s talent and teamwork, and Waveny’s mission to provide the highest quality of compassionate, person-centered care.”

Waveny Care Center is part of Waveny LifeCare Network, a nonprofit organization that provides a comprehensive continuum of healthcare to serve the changing needs of older adults from all areas. Waveny offers independent living at The Inn, assisted living and respite care for people with memory impairment at The Village, and skilled nursing, inpatient and outpatient Rehabilitation Services at Waveny Care Center. It also includes the Brown Geriatric Evaluation Clinic, an Adult Day Program that provides free door-to-door transportation throughout most of lower Fairfield County, and an array of community-based services through Waveny Home Healthcare, Waveny at Home and Geriatric Care Management. For more information, call 1-855-WAVENY-1 or inquire online.

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Country School Students from Wilton & New Canaan Provide Holiday Cheer

New Canaan Country School ninth graders James Kontulis of New Canaan and Lydia Dormer of Wilton together with Upper School Teacher Tom Giggi were among the 33 students and faculty who delivered “Dove bags” of food for 43 local families on Fri., Dec. 15. The Dove Program, currently in its 49th year, is overseen and organized by Person-to-Person, a non-profit organization located in Darien and Norwalk. The food was donated by students in the school’s Middle (Grades 5&6) and Upper (Grades 7-9) divisions.

“Through this program, the students are able to take an active role in responding to the needs of members in our community who might otherwise go without this holiday season,” said Country School Teacher and Grade Level Coordinator Elizabeth Carroll.  “This is one, of several, community outreach initiatives in which we work to bring to life components of our Mission Statement:  “to teach personal, social and environmental responsibility to create a community that honors diversity and our common humanity.”

New Canaan Country School is a co-ed, independent, day school for students in Pre-K (ages 3 &4) through Grade 9 living in Fairfield and Westchester counties. For more information about the school, please visit:

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Keep Your Dogs and Cats Safe From Holiday Hazards


This holiday season, while you’re busy decorating, cooking, and wrapping gifts, remember to watch out for holiday temptations for your pets. FDA veterinarian Carmela Stamper tells how to keep your animals safe.

Stocking Stuffers and Pet Treats

If your dog received a stocking full of pet treats, make sure he doesn’t gobble them all up at once. According to Stamper, if he eats the treats whole, or eats too many at once, he may not be able to digest them. Unchewed pet treats can get stuck in the trachea (windpipe) or gastrointestinal tract (esophagus, stomach, and intestines), particularly in small dogs.

If your dog is in obvious distress from eating too much too fast, says Stamper, contact your vet immediately. Some telltale signs are drooling, choking, or vomiting.

Take note of timing. If a bone or chew toy lodges in your dog’s stomach or intestines, the symptoms might not be immediate. Hours to days later, he may vomit and have diarrhea, be less active, not want to eat, and have stomach pain. If the blockage stays there too long, your dog may become very ill. The worst-case scenario is when a hole develops at the blockage site, causing a life-threatening infection.

“When in doubt, contact your veterinarian, who may need to take x-rays or use an endoscope to see what and where the problem is,” Stamper says. Your dog may even need surgery to remove blockages in the intestines.

Tinsel and Ribbons

When decorating your tree and wrapping or unwrapping gifts, keep a close eye on where you leave your leftover tinsel, string, and ribbons.

“Your cat may find these decorations irresistible because they look like easy-to-catch, sparkly, and wiggly prey,” Stamper says. In fact, they can cause serious stomach and intestinal damage.

Symptoms may take a few hours or several days to appear, and include vomiting, diarrhea, lack of appetite, and decreased activity. Play it safe by keeping tinsel off the tree and collecting all ribbons and strings after gifts are opened.

Holiday Plants

If you have holiday plants such as poinsettias, holly, or mistletoe around, take care. When you display (or dispose of) these plants, your cat may decide they’re good to eat, Stamper says.

Poinsettias, for example have a milky white, latex sap that can irritate your animal’s mouth and stomach and may cause vomiting and diarrhea. “If your cat has snacked on poinsettia leaves, you can help him by picking up his food and water dishes for a couple of hours to let his stomach settle,” Stamper advises.

The National Animal Poison Control Center (NAPCC) states that the major toxic chemicals in mistletoe are lectins and phoratoxins. These chemicals affect the heart, causing low blood pressure and slowed heart rate.

“Fortunately for your cat, severe mistletoe toxicity is uncommon and usually occurs only if your pet eats a large amount,” Stamper explains. Symptoms include vomiting and diarrhea, difficulty breathing, slowed heart rate, low blood pressure, and odd behavior.

While holly isn’t as harmful, you should still discourage your pets from eating the berries and leaves, Stamper says. In both dogs and cats, the plant’s toxins can cause drooling, vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite, and decreased activity.

Table Scraps

Resist the temptation to give your pet table scraps that are high in fat, such as fat trimmed from meat or skin from your roasted turkey or chicken. “In addition to the typical gastrointestinal upset, rich, fatty foods can cause a potentially life-threatening and painful disease called pancreatitis,” Stamper says. The most common symptoms of pancreatitis in dogs include vomiting, stomach pain, restlessness, shaking, diarrhea, fever, and weakness.

In cats, the symptoms are less clear and harder to notice, such as decreased appetite and weight loss.

And be careful what you put in the trash can, Stamper warns. Dogs, especially, are notorious for helping themselves to the turkey carcass or steak bones disposed of there. As with too many treats, bones can get stuck in your dog’s esophagus, or trachea. Sharp pieces of bones can also injure your dog’s mouth, esophagus, and stomach, and can cause severe internal injuries.

“Don’t forget, once dinner is done, dispose of the leftovers and bones somewhere where your pets can’t get to them,” Stamper says.

Other Human Treats, Including Alcohol

As many pet owners know, chocolate can be dangerous to your dog or cat. Chocolate toxicity depends on the type and amount of chocolate your dog has eaten, his body weight, and if he’s extra-sensitive to the toxic compound in chocolate called theobromine, Stamper says.

Moreover, the seemingly harmless mints common in the holiday season cause life-threatening problems for your dog if they contain xylitol, also found in food items such as candy, gum, some peanut butters, and baked goods, and personal hygiene products, such as toothpaste and mouthwash. Symptoms occur quickly after dogs eat xylitol-containing items, Stamper says. Vomiting is generally first, followed by symptoms associated with the sudden lowering of your dog’s blood sugar (hypoglycemia), such as decreased activity, weakness, staggering, incoordination, collapse, and seizures. Check the package labels to see if they contain xylitol.

After eating chocolate, some pets develop more severe complications, including liver failure, bleeding disorders, and death. If you suspect your dog has eaten chocolate or xylitol-containing items, consider it an emergency and call your veterinarian immediately.

Finally, there’s alcohol. Depending on how much they drink, pets that consume alcohol can develop serious problems. The most common symptoms in pets associated with the consumption of alcoholic beverages are vomiting, diarrhea, incoordination, weakness, decreased activity, difficulty breathing, and shaking. In severe cases, coma and death from respiratory failure (lungs stop functioning) can occur. “Don’t accidentally leave your eggnog on the coffee table,” Stamper says.

December 17, 2015


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Exchange Club's 50th Annual Christmas Tree & Wreath Sale

New Canaan Exchange Club announces their 50th Annual Christmas Tree and Wreath Sale - happening NOW through December 23. All proceeds are donated to awareness and prevention of child abuse and many other local charities.

The Exchange Club transforms Kiwanis Park (77 Old Norwalk Road in New Canaan) into a Christmas village. "We'll have over 1,200 trees including Fraser Firs and Balsams - along with a variety of wreaths, roping, tree stands and other seasonal merchandise," they explain. 

Trees, wreaths, and greenery can be purchased from 9 am - 5 pm on Saturdays and Sundays and 11 am - 6 pm Monday through Friday.

Bring your kids to  Santa's Workshop on weekends from 11 am to 3 pm and  Rides on Old Faithful Fire Engine on Saturdays from 11 am to 1 (beginning on December 2nd).

Learn more here.   




Open 9 am - 5 pm on Saturdays and Sundays, 11 am - 6 pm Monday through Friday

Bring your kids to 
Santa's Workshop 
Weekends 11-3
Rides on Old Faithful Fire Engine
Saturdays 11-1
Starting Saturday December 2nd

Buy your Christmas tree and wreaths right in New Canaan!
Save time, avoid crowds, have a great family experience and support our largest fundraiser.  Proceeds go to awareness and prevention of child abuse and many other local charities.
The Exchange Club transforms Kiwanis Park into a Christmas village. We'll have over 1,200 trees including Fraser Firs and Balsams - along with a variety of wreaths, roping, tree stands and other seasonal merchandise.  
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New Year’s Eve Getaway at The Stamford Marriott Hotel and Spa

Whether you’re planning to spend New Year’s Eve in Times Square or want to ring in 2018 with a romantic dinner followed by all-star accommodations, the Stamford Marriott Hotel and Spa beckons. In addition to a first-class restaurant, the hotel has an in-house spa and fitness facility.

The Stamford Marriott Hotel and Spa is less than 45 minutes to Manhattan by train (Amtrak/Metro-North within walking distance from hotel). So, after the pizzazz of NYE in NYC, you can head north to Connecticut where Marriott Revive bedding with mattress toppers, duvets and 300-thread count linens await.

New Year's at the Stamford Marriott, includes breakfast for 2 guests per stay at Sam's American Bistro, 1 bottle of sparkling wine upon your arrival, and a late checkout (2:00 pm).

Book your hotel reservation here.

Sam’s American Bistro features a New Year’s Eve Prix-Fixe Dinner with seatings at 7:00 pm and 9:00 pm on Sunday, December 31. The price ($109.00 per couple plus tax and gratuity) includes one complimentary glass of French Sparkling Wine.

While you’re at the hotel, Indulge yourself at Agora Spa, a full-service spa that offers body treatments, facials, massages and an invigorating steam room. Learn more about the spa

Book your hotel reservation here.

The hotel is located at 243 Tresser Boulevard, in the heart of downtown Stamford, combining New York City energy with New England charm. Need we say more?

Book reservation at the Stamford Marriott here or call 1-203-357-9555.

View the spa packages here.

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Nina Buxenbaum's Intriguing Exhibition Topsy-Turvy Opens January 4 at New Canaan Library's Curtis Gallery

Artist Nina Buxenbaum's lush, beautifully rendered paintings exude echoes of Manet and Delacroix. Yet, they challenge viewers to question our desire for definition, particularly in connection to our society's depiction of women of color. "Topsy -Turvy" opens on Thursday, January 4 and runs through Sunday, February 18, 2018. The opening reception will be held on Thursday, January 4 from 6 - 8 p.m. and includes a Q & A with Ms. Buxenbaum beginning at 6:30 p.m. All are welcome to attend.

The inspiration behind this compelling series stems from actual “Topsy-Turvy” dolls, which emerged in the 19th century and were named after the character of Topsy in the famous Harriet Beecher Stowe novel, Uncle Tom’s Cabin.  Designed to look like a southern belle on one side, her dress conceals a black girl underneath. Buxenbaum's arresting images reflect this intended confusion, asking us to question the multitude of ways in which we create and label our identities. Provocative, but always deeply engaging, these works ask us not to turn away but to look more intently at layered possibilities.

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Darien YMCA Gymnasts Tops at 2017 New England Invitational

The competition season may have just begun, but the Darien YMCA gymnastics team was right back to their winning ways at the 2017 New England Invitational in Glastonbury, capturing five team championships and 15 individual All Around (AA) titles. Gymnasts competed by level and age group.

Though Darien had been absent from the Level 8 competition scene for a while, they returned with a bang, taking the team title by a five-point margin. Sofia DeStefano paced the squad, taking first AA in the Junior group and placing second on vault and third on all other events. Saskia Chermayeff swung to the bars title and was second AA and fourth on beam and floor.

Leilani Nguyen earned third on vault and AA and was second on bars and floor. Nadia Borja vaulted to the top of the podium and was second on beam and fourth AA. Sarah Cross soared to the floor title with a huge 9.6 and was fourth on bars. Tori Ware never wavered on beam, taking first with 9.6 and was fourth on vault. Bella DeStefano flipped to a 9.05 on floor.

Gianna Cardini and Adnerys DeJesus were the sole Level 9 and 10 competitors in the meet. Highlights for Cardini were floor and vault, where she scored a 9.0 on her Tsuk vault. DeJesus also soared on vault, scoring 9.2 and hit solid routines on all other events.

The champion Level 7 team was led by Sofia Iuteri, who won the AA for the 10-12 age group with a huge 37.90 along with the vault, bars and beam titles and placed fourth on floor. Anna Moss flipped to first on floor with 9.5 and placed second on beam and AA, third on vault and sixth on bars. Emma Kelly took second on vault and bars, fourth on beam and third AA.

Olivia Perkins scored 9.6 to win the vault title in the 13s group and placed third on floor and fourth on beam. Lucy Collins topped the podium in four events in the 14s group, winning vault, bars, beam and AA and placing second on floor.

In the 15 and up group, Lana Schmidt took first on vault and AA and was second on floor, third on beam and fourth on bars. Kaitlyn Moussignac was the beam champ and was second on vault, and third on floor and AA. Kerry McDermott placed second on bars and fourth on beam, vault and AA while Lily Fairleigh earned second on beam and third on bars.

Anna Altier paced the first place level 6 team, sweeping the event titles and the AA with 37.675 in the 8-11 group. Julia Decsi placed second on vault, fourth on bars, sixth on beam and fifth on floor and AA. Anna Primmer placed fifth on vault and beam, fourth on floor and sixth AA while Lauren Smith flipped to third on floor.

In the 12s group, Abigail O’Brien topped the podium on bars, floor and AA with 37.00 and was fourth on beam and tied for second on vault with teammate Melina Cardini. Cardini was also second on beam and fourth on floor. Megan Mitchell scored second on vault, beam and floor in the 13s group, as well as third on bars and AA. Sommer Schmidt earned third on vault and fourth on bars, beam and floor.

The Level 5 squad took second in a closely contested team competition. Alexa Bell was the AA champ in the 9-11 group, as well as second on vault and floor and tied for third on beam with teammate Sophie Root. Ellie Davies topped the podium on beam and floor with 9.5 and 9.25, and placed third on vault and second AA. Tanner Generoso vaulted to first and was fifth on bars, third on floor and fourth AA. Ava Licata took fourth on vault and floor and fifth on beam.

Stella Nehro led the Level 4 team champs, placing first on vault, bars, beam and AA with 37.40 and second on floor in the 10 Junior group. Mina Leon took fifth on floor, sixth on beam, fourth AA and second on bars and vault where she tied with teammate Katie Primmer. Katie Cutler earned third on beam, fourth on vault, eighth on bars, ninth on floor and sixth AA while Madeleine McGivney earned her meet high score on floor.

In the 7-9 group, Emily Rizzi scored a full house of medals, taking first on three events – vault, bars and AA – and second on beam and floor. Kayla Koproski flipped to first on floor with 9.15, placed second on vault and AA, fourth on bars and seventh on beam. Emily McKee earned third on floor, fifth on bars, sixth on vault and fourth on beam and AA.

Olivia Davis never wavered in winning beam with 9.6 and was also sixth on bars. Tess Hennigan had a solid meet for third on bars and beam and sixth AA. Ava Telgheder took sixth on beam and fourth on vault and floor.

Regan Famigletti was the beam champ with 9.25 in the 10 Seniors, as well as fourth on bars, third on vault and AA and seventh on floor where she tied with teammate Alex Kuras. Kuras also swung to third on bars, took fourth on beam, fifth AA and sixth on vault. Shayna Moeller earned ninth on bars and floor.

Reilly Costello captured three titles in the 11s group, winning vault, beam and floor and placing second AA and ninth on bars. Bella Koproski was third on beam, vault and AA, sixth on bars and second on floor. Bowen Burns took fourth on beam and seventh on bars, AA and vault where she tied with Annelise Enters. Jordan Moss earned her meet high score on floor.

In the 12 and up group, Chloe Sernick was second on vault and floor, fifth on beam and sixth AA. Alex Decsi swung to second on bars and fifth on floor. Mia MacDonald earned fifth on vault, sixth on floor and seventh on beam while Alannah Morris was sixth on vault and seventh on bars.

The team champion Level 3 gymnasts kept up the winning ways, with Jacquelyn Coppola sweeping the events and the AA with 36.30 in the age 6-7 group. In the 8s, Avery Hansen was third on bars and second on beam, floor and AA and fifth on vault where she tied with Penelope Hahn. Hahn was also fourth on beam and sixth on floor. Taylor Davies scored an impressive 9.6 for first on beam and was fourth on floor and sixth AA.

Tatum Jaroch also hit the medal full house, topping the podium on beam, floor and AA with 37.35 and taking second on vault and bars in the 10 Junior group. Tanner Shanley placed fifth on vault, bars and beam while Kaia Woodman earned her meet high score on vault.

In the 10 Senior group, Catherine Travaglini took four out of five events, winning vault, bars, beam and AA with a 37.60 and placing third on beam. Hannah Dudek swung to sixth on bars. Emma Bookless captured the vault, floor and AA titles in the 11 Junior group along with second on beam and third on bars. In the 12 and up group Meghan Canavan was champ on beam and floor, third on vault and bars and second AA.

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Baldanza Café Introduces Wine Hour

Baldanza Café is so passionate about its organic food and wine, they are extending it to their bar. Join them every Wednesday–Friday between 5-6pm. There will be $8 glasses of wine and $5 craft beers. If you get frustrated by ordering the same variety, try the ‘wine of the week’ which will be $10 a glass, and normally only available by the bottle. Baldanza will also have a selection of special estate wines available. 

Wine wouldn’t be the same without something delicious to accompany it - they will provide complimentary nibbles and the following plates will be available to order and enjoy:

  •  Local Cheese Plate - $12
  •  Charcuterie plate - $12

Founder/Culinary Director Angela Baldanza says: "We have a fantastic wine selection and want more people to appreciate it. Our wine selections change constantly to keep palates interested. We will also keep you informed of future wine tastings and dinners. This is a very relaxing way to gather with friends and I'm excited about welcoming everyone to our bar." 

Baldanza Café, 17 Elm Street, New Canaan, 06840 / 203 966 4000

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Accumulating Snow Developing Could Impact Morning Commute

Accumulating snow across the tri-state area late tonight

A widespread dry powdery snowfall of 1 to 3 inches is forecast for our area between 1 am to 7 am on Thursday, December 14. Roadways may become snow covered which may create a slippery morning commute. Motorists are urged to use extra caution if traveling Thursday morning.

Maximum hourly snowfall rates are forecast to be less than ½ inch per hour. Blowing snow is possible.

The heaviest snow of 2-3 inches is forecast across Long Island.

Forecast uncertainty:  If the low tracks further south, then less snow will occur.  If the low tracks further north, more snow will occur further north and less along the coast. See below for potential high-end amounts.

Learn more here.

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Coexisting with Snow Leopards: Experience from the Roof of the World Presented at New Canaan Library by Gao Yufang of Yale

New Canaan Library is pleased to welcome backYale University PhD candidate Gao Yufang, who will present a discussion of the issues surrounding the coexistence of humans and wildlife on the Tibetan Plateau. Yufang will speak at New Canaan Library on Thursday, January 4 at 6:30 p.m. in the Adrian Lamb Room. Please register for this program online at

Goa Yufang's talk will address the growing concern of human-wildlife coexistence on the Tibetan Plateau, where the environment and society are experiencing dramatic changes. The plateau is home to not only Tibetan pastoralists and their livestock, but to large carnivores such as the beautiful snow leopard. The Mt. Everest Snow Leopard Conservation Center in Tibet uses field surveys to estimate the distribution and population of snow leopards, conducts social science research to understand the human-snow leopard interaction, and measures habitat loss in order to understand the state of this apex predator. Tracing his journey in the realm of conservation, Gao Yufang will share and reflect on personal experiences working with conservationists, government officials, and local Tibetan monks in the quest for human-wildlife coexistence on the Tibetan Plateau. 

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5th Annual Santa Run on Saturday, December 23 at New Canaan High School

Tis' the season to RUN and have FUN!
Grace Community Church 5th Annual Santa Run on Saturday, December 23 from 8:30 am - 10:00 am at New Canaan High School.
Advanced registration is $25 for the 5K run or the 1-mile walk/stroll. Registration on the day of the event will be $30. 
12 & under are free! The first 150 registrants will receive a Santa Run t-shirt & Santa hat!

To register for the 5K run or the 1-mile Walk/Stroll CLICK HERE and follow the prompts and payment request from there. All race packets will be available on race day, starting at 7:30am.

To register a child for the Santa Dash (8 and under) CLICK HERE.
Prizes and photo-ops with Santa!  
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New Canaan Nature Center Holiday Break Programs

New Canaan Nature Center Holiday Break Programs from Monday - Thursday, December 19th - 21st from 9:00am - 12:00pm
Lunch Bunch: 12:00pm - 1:00pm
Out of school and looking for something fun to do? Come on down the hill and join other enthusiastic kids as our expert staff lead a variety of wintry adventures throughout our 40-acre preserve and celebrate the holiday season in true NCNC fashion as nature intended.
For additional information, visit New Canaan Nature Center's Website
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Emerging Artists Unleashed: LIFEWTR Series 3 Highlights

From vibrant outfits to artful sketches, LIFEWTR Series 3 showed how #FashionIsArt and put a spotlight on three emerging artists: Adam Dalton Blake, Tiffany Huang, and Ghazaleh Khalifeh.

WATCH Series 3 highlights HERE.

LIFEWTR bottles are focused on a unique aspect of art. Stay tuned for LIFEWTR Series 4, launching soon!

Need #thirstinspiration this holiday season? LIFEWTR has announced a limited-edition holiday bottle design and gift set designed by Series 1 Design & Art duo, Craig & Karl. Each gift set includes a Holiday-themed bottle and embossed notebook designed by Craig & Karl, Le Pen™ drawing pens, and a keepsake booklet providing a behind the scenes look at LIFEWTR artists.

Purchase your holiday gift set here or here and support #local artists.

LIFEWTR #FashionIsArt Wrapup

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10th Annual Close To Home Dessert Tasting and Youth Concert on February 23, 2018

Pacific House wants you to save the date for their 10th Annual Close To Home Dessert Tasting and Youth Concert event on Friday, February 23, 2018 at 7pm at the Hyatt Regency Greenwich.

Advance tickets are on sale now for this annual tradition that raises funds for the Pacific House Young Adult Program, which helps homeless young adults in our area get back on track for a brighter future.  

This celebrated annual tradition entices foodies and music lovers alike.  Guests are treated to great music performed by talented young musicians from local high schools while they indulge in decadent desserts and delicious food tastings from the area’s finest artisanal bake shops, restaurants and chocolatiers. 

The Close to Home benefit concert is an extraordinary example of young adults helping young adults. Please plan to join us for this special evening which makes a tremendous difference for those young adults who have nowhere to call home.  Visit to purchase tickets and learn more.  Sponsorship opportunities are currently available.

The Pacific House Young Adult Program helps the 400-600 homeless young adults in lower Fairfield County find housing, and connects them with employment, education, and support services that prepare them for adulthood. Specialized case managers, new programs and a dedicated living space at the Pacific House shelter helps these young people avoid a lifetime of homelessness.

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