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Please Attend Town Meeting on Feb 13: Funding Issues

Redding Town Hall

There is a town meeting on Feb 13 to discuss several funding issues that have come to the forefront after Newtown.  The request is  

1) $27, 685 to pay for police overtime that has been incurred between 12/14/2012 to 1/20/2013.  Police have been in the lower schools

2) $101, 904 to pay for police overtime so that there will be a police presence in the school from 1/22/2013 until 6/21/2013

3) $58,000 for 2 new police officers in town between 3/1/2013-6/30/2013

4) $135, 000 for security upgrades for the schools (RES and JRMS) 

I am also enclosing the presentation made to the boards of selectman and boards of finance to support a "resource" police officer in the school, as well as a few pieces from this weeks New England Journal of Medicine on the topic.

Many people will agree to these increased expenditures, in response to Newtown.  Many will feel that this is an emotional reaction that will cost us in the long run but may not appreciably change security.  However, all of us should have a say in how our taxes are spent and what we want to do for our schools.  

Please consider attending and voicing what you would like to happen with your money.  

New England Journal of Medicine articles: NEJM_Preventing_gun_deaths_in_children.pdf


School Resource Officer Presentation: Binder1.pdf


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