Fit Tip from Club 24: How to Curb Your Appetite


It can be very helpful if you are going to learn how to curb your appetite; especially during the festive holiday season! One of the major reasons we tend to 'put a few on' over the holidays is due to the fact we have trouble controlling our urge to overeat and overindulge.  We can help show you how to enjoy the next few weeks without starving yourself and without having to say 'no' to all the goodies!

For those of us seeking to lose or even maintain our current weight, it can be very helpful if you know a few healthy ways to suppress your hunger. Simply, it is all about minimizing the amount of calories that you are taking in. This is not as difficult as a lot of people may have thought it to be.

Here are a few healthy and simple ways to curb your appetite throughout the day:

1) Apples Are Your Friend - If you want to know how to curb appetite, the easiest thing that you can do is to eat about 3 apples a day. Apples are known to have a very high amount of water and fiber; helping your stomach easily feel full - and full of healthy and organic nutrients. 

2) Think Fiber - It can also be very helpful to have a diet that is very rich with fiber. Fiber can be very helpful because a diet rich in fiber not only can help you feel full faster; it can also help you have better digestive processes. Common high fiber foods to consider include whole oats, bran cereal, lentils, kidney beans, black beans, avocados and many more.

3) Eggs: Your Complete Meal  - The egg is one of nature's purest and healthiest foods.  Low in calories and high in protein, Vitamin A and other nutrients, the egg can provide a healthy and filling meal or snack to curb your appetite.

These are just three of the many healthy ways you can stave off your hunger impulses and truly enjoy the holidays without 'pigging out' at every party and event. A little modification to the foods you are eating throughout your day may just be the perfect solution to maintaining (or even losing a little!) weight over the next few weeks.

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