Cast list announced for JRMS play

Between the Sun and the Moon

If your child did not have an opportunity to audition and would still like to participate, please come to rehearsal on Tuesday, March 6! Be sure to check the play website before making this commitment.

www.johnreadps.org/student clubs and activities/school play

If you auditioned and your name does not appear on this list, our apologies! It is a typo. Let us know at rehearsal on Tuesday. We will fix it.

Young Man:               Victor Ventricelli

Frog:                         Oliver Hesketh Tutton

Daughter:                   May Blumenfield

Sun:                          Westin Bodkin

Moon:                       Elizabeth Ashton

Father:                    Noah Siddiqui

Mother:                    Grace Samaritano

Eagle:                      Matt Sutton

Cheetah:                  Ali Carey

Antelope:                Erin Holder

Leopard 1:               Henry Mound

Leoperd 2:            Rosie Giannicchi

Leopard 3:              Ariel Sarullo

Leopard 4:            Ellen Thome

The Cloud Maidens:

Nimba:                        Lia Spear

Cumula:             Sara Jorgenson

Strata:                         Gabi Saluzzi

Cirrha:                         Caitlin Dotson

Thundah:             Caroline Murphy

Misty:                         Amanda Duffy

Fluffy:                         Eva Mullineaux

Grey:                          Alice Lee

Villagers with solos:

                        Emma Thomas                                     Maria Kaouris

Lily Tauber,                                    Lee Winters

Alex Darlington                                    Katarina Hackel,

Ali Stauffer                                     Sara Capella

Michelle Curtis                                    Nikki Wallin

Jenna Ledbetter                        Nikki Kearney

Sydney Higgins                         Josie Morales-Thomason

Erin Carroll                                     Marissa Gregory

The Rest of the Village who Sing and Dance!

                        Lily Fischer                                    Mei Fischer

                        Kendall Murray                        Katherine Wright

                        Rachel Wagner                        Quinn Kellogg

                        Alyson Tomaszewski                        Dylan Kloiber

                        Noah Sobel                                    Isabel Dudley

                        Maya Pranger                                    Emma Boland

                        Grace Murray                                    Max Daignault

                        Elizabeth Hayman                        James Houlahan

                        Chloe Sharon                                    Lindsay Neumann

                        Gwenyth Mars                                    Cara Krupnikoff-Salkin

                        Melani Zuckerman


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