Hermes Art Series at Mark Twain Library

On Sunday March 18, at 2 pm, the Hermes Art Series is hosting a panel on creativity at the Mark Twain Library. Dr. John Briggs, Professor of English at Western Connecticut State University, will lead the discussion, entitled “Exploring the Creative Process.” Says Dr. Briggs, “I will be asking the artists about the creative process they go through in making a work. Is it difficult to be an artist in today’s society and, if so, why?” These are just a few of the areas Dr. Briggs and the panel will explore during a discussion that will no doubt veer in unpredictable directions as each artist discusses his or her own work-work that represents a variety of genres.

Panelists include award-winning artist Jimmy Grashow whose sculptures and wood- cuts have appeared in galleries and museums throughout the United States; Eric Lewis, for many years first violinist with the Manhattan String Quartet and current head of the chamber group Prometheus; Marc Mellon, one of America’s leading sculptors in bronze; David Morgan, accomplished jazz pianist, singer and songwriter; Jane Stern, author of more than thirty books on American cooking and culture; Victoria Wyndham, actress, writer, director, sculptor and painter; Jeff Fligelman co-founder of Gotham Writers’ Workshop and author of numerous plays; and Dan Cruson, historian, teacher and presi- dent of the Archaeological Society of Connecticut.

Dr. Briggs, who will be facilitating the discussion, is a man of many talents himself. A gifted photographer, he has also written articles that have appeared in Omni and Science Digest, has published both fiction and poetry, and is the author of several books including Fire in the Crucible: the Alchemy of Creative Genius.

Admission to the panel discussion is free but reservations are requested. There is a sign-up sheet at the library, or call 203 938-2545 to add your name to the list. 


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