BOS Meeting Agenda for April 11

Town of Ridgefield Board of Selectmen Meeting

April 11, 2012  7:30 p.m.

Town Hall Large Conference Room 400 Main Street, Ridgefield, Connecticut

Policy: Board of Selectmen’s meetings will be conducted under Roberts Rules of Order with comment invited only on agenda items that are action items not subject to formal public hearing. Individuals will be recognized for three minutes after Board of Selectmen discussion but before Board of Selectmen vote.  All items on agenda are presented as possible action items (vote) by the Board of Selectmen.


1.            Public Comment

2.            Recognition of Recycling Poster Contest Award Recipients

3.            Parks & Recreation Commission Interview:  Jennifer Lewis Blackwell

4.            Historic District Commission Interview:  Rebecca Connard

5.            Vendor Permits

--Renewal:  Cones4College

--Circusman II:  Vehicle Limit for Vendors?

--Zawack Shack

6.            Library Project and Associated Fees; How to Handle –Bill Reynolds

7.            Reappointment of WPCA Members:  Kevin Briody, Ron Hill, Amy Siebert,

Gary Zawacki

8.            Reappointment of Commission on Aging Members:  Marion Freer, Mary Morrisroe, Mary Ann O’Grady

9.            Revision of Elections Ordinance

10.       Budget Resolutions

11.       Selectman’s Report

12.       Approval of Meeting Minutes: 3/5/12 budget, 3/21/12 regular, 3/26/12 special



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