Food Vendors in Ridgefield Opinion Poll: Food vendors have been a hot button issue in Ridgefield for some time, and Board of Selectmen has increasingly touched upon this issue in the past year. Town Hall is currently working to change the ordinance regarding food vendors, and needs the people's opinions.  I am an intern working on this project at Town Hall and have created two surveys to try and capture the public's opinion on this issue. The surveys are anonymous and should take less than five minutes.  If you are a CONSUMER, please fill out the survey below. Answers are anonymous.   Please note that some questions may not be applicable to you. In that case, please answer 'Not Applicable'.   Please only answer this survey ONCE.  For the purpose of this survey, food trucks includes ice cream trucks and stationary vendors such as Chez Lenard.  Remember to click ‘Submit’ when you have finished the survey. All questions must be answered.  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1ZoCIyVJeEiXhoDJvB9sJj7JIArIKthc_9IMKegJGUG0/viewform If you are a RESTAURANT OWNER, please fill out the survey below. Answers are anonymous.   Please note that some questions may not be applicable to you. In that case, please answer 'Not Applicable'.   Please only answer this survey ONCE.  For the purpose of this survey, food trucks includes ice cream trucks and stationary vendors such as Chez Lenard.  Remember to click ‘Submit’ when you have finished the survey. All questions must be answered.  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1uKPQHL-GdokInoSEC9-r61j9zM9aqVY3C_lCCmbpC-I/viewform


For many years The Ancient Order of Hibernians, Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians and the Greater Danbury Irish Cultural Center have  hosted the festival, bringing in Irish-theme entertainment, vendors and artists.

This year we have some sad news. As some of you may have already heard, we'll be unable to put on the GDIF in 2012. The reasons for this are many, but the single biggest factors are time and money.

We know we'll disappoint a lot of people with this news and are currently focusing on the festival for 2013.

Our apologies to all who have enjoyed (as we have) over the past several years, and our heartfelt thanks to those who have supported it and made it possible. This is a difficult decision for us, we treasure the friends and memories we've made over the years. We'll be working hard focusing on making 2013’s festival a new and exciting experience for our guests. 

We are sorry we must take a year to regroup; and we'll miss it as much as you will. In the meantime, we hope you continue to support the Greater Danbury Irish Cultural Center, AOH, and LAOH as well as the talented artists who have supported us over the years.


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