A message from RIDGEFIELD HIGH SCHOOL Principal Stacey Gross, Ed. D.

Dear Parents,

Today, November 13, 2012, there was a bomb threat written on the wall in the boys’ bathroom. It was investigated by school administration and by the Ridgefield Police Department. At this time, we do not feel it is a credible threat and no school or afterschool activities have been canceled. This is not the first time that a similar incident has occurred at Ridgefield High School. Each time in the past few years, the threat has coincided with the release of a popular video game and when investigated the police deemed the building to be safe. Today’s threat is also consistent with this pattern, as the new video game will be released at midnight.

It is unfortunate that this behavior occurred, but we felt it was important to thoroughly investigate the incident in order to better ensure the safety of our students and staff. Please feel free to contact me at 438-3785 if you have any additional questions.

Stacey Gross, Ed.D.
RHS Principal


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