Swyonkers's HamletHub http://news.hamlethub.com/swyonkers Wed, 22 Nov 2017 02:17:20 -0500 HamletHub.com Small Turtles Are Dangerous http://news.hamlethub.com/swyonkers/life/2186-small-turtles-are-dangerous2186-small-turtles-are-dangerous http://news.hamlethub.com/swyonkers/life/2186-small-turtles-are-dangerous2186-small-turtles-are-dangerous

Outbreak Advisory



  • Since the last update on August 29, 2017, 29 more ill people have been reported from 14 states.
  • CDC and multiple states are investigating a multistate outbreak of human Salmonella infections linked to contact with pet turtles.
  • A total of 66 people infected with the outbreak strain of Salmonella Agbeni have been reported from 18 states.
  • Illnesses started on dates ranging from March 1, 2017 to October 14, 2017
  • Of 53 people with available information, 23 have been hospitalized. No deaths have been reported.
  • Twenty-three (35%) ill people are children younger than 5.
  • Epidemiologic and laboratory findings link the outbreak of human Salmonella Agbeni infections to contact with turtles or their environments, such as water from a turtle habitat.
  • In interviews, ill people answered questions about contact with animals during the week before becoming ill. Twenty (40%) of the 50 people interviewed reported contact with turtles or their environments, such as water from a turtle habitat, before getting sick.
  • Of the 20 ill people who had contact with turtles, 12 (60%) reported contact with small turtles that had a shell length of less than 4 inches. They reported purchasing the turtle from a street vendor or receiving the turtle as a gift.
  • In 2015, state and local health officials collected samples from turtles at a street vendor. Whole genome sequencing showed that the Salmonella Agbeni isolated from ill people in this outbreak is closely related genetically to the Salmonella Agbeni isolates from the turtles at the street vendor. This close genetic relationship means that human infections in this outbreak are likely linked to turtles.
  • Do not buy small turtles as pets or give them as gifts.
  • Since 1975, the FDA has banned selling and distributing turtles with shells less than 4 inches long as pets because they are often linked to Salmonella infections, especially in young children.
  • All turtles, regardless of size, can carry Salmonella bacteria even if they look healthy and clean. These outbreaks are a reminder to follow simple steps to enjoy pet reptiles and keep your family healthy.
  • This outbreak is expected to continue since consumers might be unaware of the risk of Salmonellainfection from small turtles. If properly cared for, turtles have a long life expectancy.
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Thanksgiving from Native American View http://news.hamlethub.com/swyonkers/events/2185-thanksgiving-from-native-american-view2185-thanksgiving-from-native-american-view http://news.hamlethub.com/swyonkers/events/2185-thanksgiving-from-native-american-view2185-thanksgiving-from-native-american-view

Westchester Eye on the Radio will feature Ladonna Brave Bull Allard, a Lakota historian and activist. She was director of Sacred Stone Camp in Standing Rock, which was the first camp in the Dakota Pipeline protest movement.

She will enlighten us on the Native American perspective of Thanksgiving and how we can honor Native Americans on that day. Tune in, November 20th at 3 pm to 1460 AM wvox or listen on line at wvox.com .

Phone in to comment 914-636-0110.

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Trader Joe's Salad Recall http://news.hamlethub.com/swyonkers/life/2184-trader-joe-s-salad-recall2184-trader-joe-s-salad-recall http://news.hamlethub.com/swyonkers/life/2184-trader-joe-s-salad-recall2184-trader-joe-s-salad-recall

RECALL: Potential Foreign Matter (Glass/Hard Plastic) in Certain Fresh Salads

November 18, 2017 


To Our Valued Customers:

Our supplier has notified us that the following fresh salads–sold only in the states listed–with date codes USE BY 11/10 through 11/21 and the U.S.D.A. "INSPECTED" code P-40299 may contain pieces of glass/hard plastic:

AZ, CA, NV, UT, CO, LA, NM, OK, TX          White Meat Chicken Salad 98091         
AZ, CA, NV, UT, CO, LA, NM, OK, TX Curried White Chicken Deli Salad           96426
AZ, CA, NV, UT, ID, OR, WA Turkey Cranberry Apple Salad 60983

EXAMPLE: date code stickered on package and the affected U.S.D.A. "INSPECTED" code (P-40299)

Products with different "INSPECTED" codes are produced in separate facilities and are not impacted by this potential concern.

All potentially affected product has been removed from store shelves and destroyed.

If you purchased any of these fresh salads with the affected codes, please do not eat it. We urge you to discard the product or return it to any Trader Joe’s for a full refund.

If you have any questions, you may call Trader Joe’s Customer Relations at (626) 599-3817 [Monday through Friday, 6:00 am to 6:00 pm Pacific Time] or send us an email.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

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Yonkers Xmas Tree Lighting This Week http://news.hamlethub.com/swyonkers/events/2183-yonkers-xmas-tree-lighting-this-week2183-yonkers-xmas-tree-lighting-this-week http://news.hamlethub.com/swyonkers/events/2183-yonkers-xmas-tree-lighting-this-week2183-yonkers-xmas-tree-lighting-this-week

Yonkers takes the lead in starting the Xmas season. Prior to the infamous Black Friday which signals the beginning of the holidays, Yonkers will have it's annual Xmas tree lighting. 

The event will take place at the Cross County Shopping center on Saturday, November 18th at 6:30 pm. 

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Immigration Lawyer Available http://news.hamlethub.com/swyonkers/life/2182-immigration-lawyer-available2182-immigration-lawyer-available http://news.hamlethub.com/swyonkers/life/2182-immigration-lawyer-available2182-immigration-lawyer-available

Tune in to Westchester Eye on the Radio on Monday, November 13th at 3 pm.  Immigration lawyer, Chris Alden, will answer your questions about immigration, deportation, and the change in temporary status for Haitians, Nicaraguans, Hondurans, and DACA.

Streamed online at wvox.com and broadcast at 1460 AM. Call in to comment or speak with Chris at 914- 636-0110.

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Yonkers Job Fair Today http://news.hamlethub.com/swyonkers/life/2179-yonkers-job-fair-today2179-yonkers-job-fair-today http://news.hamlethub.com/swyonkers/life/2179-yonkers-job-fair-today2179-yonkers-job-fair-today


Date: Thursday November 9, 2017
Time: 12pm- 2pm
Room: 607
Some Invited Employers Include:

Richmond Community Services
The Wartburg
Westchester Medical Center
Bob’s Discount Furniture
Cerebral Palsy of Westchester
CVS Pharmacy
St. John’s Riverside Hospital
Elizabeth Seton Pediatric Center
Montefiore Medical Center

And Many More!

26 South Broadway
Yonkers, NY
(914) 606-7600

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BREAKING NEWS:Latimer and Khader Win http://news.hamlethub.com/swyonkers/politics/2177-breaking-news-latimer-beats-astorino2177-breaking-news-latimer-beats-astorino http://news.hamlethub.com/swyonkers/politics/2177-breaking-news-latimer-beats-astorino2177-breaking-news-latimer-beats-astorino

George Latimer is the declared winner in the race for Westchester County Executive. Latimer D. beat Rob Astorino by a significant margin. Also, in Yonkers, Mike Khader D. won the race for Yonkers City Council president against incumbent R. Liam McLaughlin.

Khader is the first Arab American to hold the office. 

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Westchester Charity Group on the Radio http://news.hamlethub.com/swyonkers/life/2175-westchester-charity-group-on-the-radio2175-westchester-charity-group-on-the-radio http://news.hamlethub.com/swyonkers/life/2175-westchester-charity-group-on-the-radio2175-westchester-charity-group-on-the-radio

Westchester Eye on the Radio will feature the Westchester Community Foundation http://www.wcf-ny.org/  on Monday, Nov 6, 2017 from, 3-4pm. Find out how you can donate to a cause that is well researched. What are the tax consequences and how will the current political climate affect organizations in need especially in Yonkers. Also, find out how you can receive a grant or funding for your group.

Additionally, there will be a brief discussion about the upcoming elections in Westchester County. Tune in to 1460 AM or listen online at wvox.com. Call in to comment at 914-636-0110.

See you on the air.

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Liam McLaughlin Issues Statement About Pending Bus Strike http://news.hamlethub.com/swyonkers/life/2174-liam-mclaughlin-issues-statement-about-pending-bus-strike2174-liam-mclaughlin-issues-statement-about-pending-bus-strike http://news.hamlethub.com/swyonkers/life/2174-liam-mclaughlin-issues-statement-about-pending-bus-strike2174-liam-mclaughlin-issues-statement-about-pending-bus-strike


YONKERS, NY - City Council President Liam McLaughlin today released the following statement:

"It is the responsibility of the bus company and the union to negotiate in good faith. Stranding the Children of Yonkers should not be an option. I urge all sides to come back to the table and resolve this contract, and I offer any assistance that I can add to the process. I have spoken with Mayor Spano and Superintendent Quezada and we all stand committed to resolving this issue, with the safety and security of the children being paramount."
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Westchester Childcare Providers Pay Back Salaries http://news.hamlethub.com/swyonkers/life/2173-westchester-childcare-providers-pay-back-salaries2173-westchester-childcare-providers-pay-back-salaries http://news.hamlethub.com/swyonkers/life/2173-westchester-childcare-providers-pay-back-salaries2173-westchester-childcare-providers-pay-back-salaries

 Due to a recent system error, Westchester County notified all providers contracted with the county that they were overpaid. The County is seeking reimbursement from small child care businesses ranging in amounts from $10,000 to $50,000 without providing a detailed accounting to these small business owners so they can assess the accuracy of the County's claim.

The lack of detail coming from officials leaves them wondering what were they paid for and how can they be sure that the bill received from the county is correct. Complicating matters and sowing the distrust is their recent experience with a previous system error that had them underpaid and the County refused to pay retroactively for services delivered.

 Providers are committed to delivering quality child care to Westchester Counties many working parents. In the last few years, they have not been able to rely on the county to work with them to improve access to affordable child care in Westchester. Many work long hours, including evening and weekends. Working families, including those with non-traditional and changing work schedules, know they can count on them to nurture and teach their children and to support them as they strive to balance work and parenting.

CSEA/VOICE Local 100A successfully partnered with the Office of Children and Family Services and DSS agencies across the state to make the child care subsidy system work better in several counties. This leaves providers wondering why not Westchester? Providers maintain they need to work together to solve problems for working families in Westchester County.

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Laundry Room Burglaries in Yonkers http://news.hamlethub.com/swyonkers/publicsafety/2172-laundry-room-burglaries-in-yonkers2172-laundry-room-burglaries-in-yonkers http://news.hamlethub.com/swyonkers/publicsafety/2172-laundry-room-burglaries-in-yonkers2172-laundry-room-burglaries-in-yonkers


The Yonkers Police Department has received several reports of larcenies targeting laundry rooms in apartment buildings.

Residents are asked and encouraged to report any suspicious activity, especially in and around laundry room areas. Thieves have been targeting quarter deposits, change machines, and card dispensers.


Dial 9-1-1 in an emergency, or call (914) 377-7900

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Superstorm Sandy Anniversary http://news.hamlethub.com/swyonkers/life/2171-superstorm-sandy-anniversary2171-superstorm-sandy-anniversary http://news.hamlethub.com/swyonkers/life/2171-superstorm-sandy-anniversary2171-superstorm-sandy-anniversary

Tomorrow, Westchester Eye on the Radio will feature 350.org. Join in the discussion about climate change, the anniversary of Superstorm Sandy, and weather events throughout the world.

Check it out on 1460 AM or online at wvox.com. Tune in from 3-4 pm, October 30th , 2017. Call to comment 914-636-0110. We want to hear from you. See you on the air.

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Chess Club at Guapo's Restaurant in Downtown Yonkers http://news.hamlethub.com/swyonkers/life/2169-chess-club-at-guapo-s-restaurant-in-downtown-yonkers2169-chess-club-at-guapo-s-restaurant-in-downtown-yonkers http://news.hamlethub.com/swyonkers/life/2169-chess-club-at-guapo-s-restaurant-in-downtown-yonkers2169-chess-club-at-guapo-s-restaurant-in-downtown-yonkers

There will be a new chess meetup group at Guapo's Restaurant  starting Sunday, October 29th, 2017.  You do not have to be a skilled player to join. You can watch and learn while sipping a margarita.

Guapo's is located at 10 Warburton Avenue in downtown Yonkers. 914-920-5900. Check out the invite.


  • Sunday, October 29, 2017

    7:00 PM to 11:00 PM

    Price: $10.00 /per person

    Refund policy


    Finally we are meeting in Yonkers!! Members its time to meet up in Yonkers! 

    Come meet some new people, exchange ideas, watch, or play chess. Have a fun night of chess, cognac, cosmos, and great music for chess enthusiasts in the Tri-State! Network and enjoy a few moves on the board. How many games can you play and how many new friends can you make in 3 hours?

    Check us out!

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Police Investigate Two Shootings in Downtown Yonkers http://news.hamlethub.com/swyonkers/publicsafety/2168-police-investigate-two-shootings-in-downtown-yonkers2168-police-investigate-two-shootings-in-downtown-yonkers http://news.hamlethub.com/swyonkers/publicsafety/2168-police-investigate-two-shootings-in-downtown-yonkers2168-police-investigate-two-shootings-in-downtown-yonkers

Yonkers police are investigating two separate shootings. The first shooting occurred in the late hours, on Tuesday, October 25th, 2017 in the vicinity of Jackson and Herriott st. in the downtown area. 

Police say that three suspects fired into a group of people standing outside. There were no reports of injuries but several bullet casings were recovered from the scene. Several parked cars sustained damage from gun fire at that time.

The location has been a frequent site of police activity. On July 25th, 2016, police were called to the address on a report of shots fired and one person was taken into custody and a firearm was recovered.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wbnMUL2N3Ac&t=24s. There was a similar report on 8/20/2016. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PQbwY99U-Hs&t=9s

Shortly after the Jackson Avenue shooting, police responded to nearby 100 Riverdale Avenue which is also a hot spot for police activity. Upon arrival they found a male victim in the lobby,  who had been shot in the shoulder and jaw.  The man was transported to Jacobi Hospital and is in stable condition. There have been no arrests.

On November 12, 2016, cops were called to a disturbance at that location. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FxpxH7kbYb8&t=81s

On June 19, 2016, a man was shot at the same address and ran into the lobby of 80 Riverdale Avenue. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6nElvr7R8GI&t=4s

Check out www.yonkersvoice.com for more info.

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Liam McLaughlin Finds Mike Khader Guilty on Seven Counts http://news.hamlethub.com/swyonkers/politics/2167-liam-mclaughlin-finds-mike-khader-guilty-on-seven-counts2167-liam-mclaughlin-finds-mike-khader-guilty-on-seven-counts http://news.hamlethub.com/swyonkers/politics/2167-liam-mclaughlin-finds-mike-khader-guilty-on-seven-counts2167-liam-mclaughlin-finds-mike-khader-guilty-on-seven-counts

The race for Yonkers City Council President has gone from mild to scorching. The following statement was issued from Liam McLaughlin's camp on October 21st. 2017.



 The Westchester County Fair Campaign Practices Committee has ruled that Mike Khader has engaged in unfair campaign practices. The group, founded by the League of Women Voters, ruled this week that the Council President candidate was guilty on seven counts of lying about his opponent's record.
John Alev, campaign manager for Khader's opponent, the incumbent Council President Liam McLaughlin, said he felt vindicated by the Committee's ruling. "Mike Khader is a political insider who is resorting to spreading outright falsehoods to hide the fact that he has failed to pay his taxes, bills and creditors," he said.
"The Fair Campaign Practices Committee has seen through Khader's deception," Alev said. "Yonkers residents already cannot trust Mike Khader to manage their finances, or his own. Now they know they also cannot trust a word he says."

Alev referenced a recent article in the October 20th edition of Yonkers Rising which reported "the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance issued two tax warrants after Khader failed to remit workers' compensation taxes for his employees. He was found guilty by default judgement and ordered to pay his back taxes with interest, penalties and fees."

"Khader was also accused of being in derogation of his fiduciary responsibilities and obligations as an escrow agent in a lawsuit concerning a real estate transaction. Judge Nicholas Collabella ruled that Khader had to release $6,000 in escrow funds. And last year, Khader was sued by American Express for a lack of payment in the amount of $55,795 for his Amex bill," it reads.
The Westchester County Fair Campaign Practices Committee's ruling found that Khader had engaged in unfair campaign practices seven times. It ruled Khader lied about Council President McLaughlin's record on taxes, spending and other issues. Khader also mislead the public by inferring that Council President McLaughlin was responsible for water rate increases. It also noted that Council President McLaughlin was actively involved in the fight for school funding in Yonkers.

ELMSFORD, NY (October 20, 2017) - The Westchester County Fair Campaign Practices
Committee met on October 19, 2017 to hear the complaints of Liam McLaughlin, candidate for Yonkers City Council President, against Mike Khader, candidate for the same position. Mr. McLaughlin was represented by Chris Arnold. Mr. Khader was represented by Saad Siddiqui.
COMPLAINT 1: Mr. McLaughlin complained that, on a palm card posted on the Yonkers Tribune blog, Mr. Khader engaged in an unfair campaign practice when he suggested that Yonkers changed for the worse "after 16 years," during which McLaughlin allegedly served in office.
The time frame suggested in this accusation is inaccurate. There were several years during the period when Mr. McLaughlin was first in office until the present when he did not serve in an elected position.
COMPLAINT 2: Mr. McLaughlin complained that Mr. Khader engaged in an unfair campaign practice when he claimed that taxes had doubled since Mr. McLaughlin was elected.
The claim that taxes had doubled since Mr. McLaughlin was elected is not supported by data the Committee was provided, nor is the term "taxes" explained. There are many kinds of taxes controlled by various entities.
COMPLAINT 3: Mr. McLaughlin complained that Mr. Khader engaged in an unfair campaign practice by stating in his campaign literature that, "Yonkers water bills have gone up 585% since Liam was first elected 18 years ago."
Yonkers water bills are based mainly on charges from the City of New York to Yonkers, and documentation provided to the Committee did not show that rates had increased that much. The inference that he is responsible is misleading.
COMPLAINT 4: Mr. McLaughlin complained that Mr. Khader engaged in an unfair campaign practice when he made the statement that spending went up 338% in Yonkers.
The statement that spending went up 338% in Yonkers is confusing because there are many different types of taxes, such as municipal and school taxes, and the statement was not specific. Also, taxes are set in Yonkers by various entities. In addition, budget numbers were used to determine the 338% increase, but it was not clear that the starting and ending numbers included the same components.

COMPLAINT 5: Mr. McLaughlin complained that Mr. Khader engaged in an unfair campaign practice when he claimed that Mr. McLaughlin "lines his pockets with our tax dollars."

While Mr. McLaughlin did vote twice, along with the City Council, to raise salaries of
Councilmembers, the Committee found that the term "lines his pockets" implied some kind of impropriety when that was not the case.

COMPLAINT 6: Mr. McLaughlin complained that Mr. Khader engaged in an unfair campaign practice when he indicated that Mr. McLaughlin unilaterally controls taxes in Yonkers and residents are struggling with "his tax hikes."

The implication that Mr. McLaughlin unilaterally controls taxes in Yonkers is false. His is one vote on the City Council and Yonkers taxes are set by various entities.

COMPLAINT 7: Mr. McLaughlin complained that Mr. Khader engaged in an unfair campaign practice when he indicated that Mr. McLaughlin was "absent in the fight for school funding."

Mr. McLaughlin was actively involved in school funding efforts.
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