Westport's HamletHub http://news.hamlethub.com/westport Sat, 18 Nov 2017 22:04:58 -0500 HamletHub.com CT BBB Recognizes Excellence in Business for 2017 http://news.hamlethub.com/westport/life/44966-ct-bbb-recognizes-excellence-in-business-for-201744966-ct-bbb-recognizes-excellence-in-business-for-2017 http://news.hamlethub.com/westport/life/44966-ct-bbb-recognizes-excellence-in-business-for-201744966-ct-bbb-recognizes-excellence-in-business-for-2017


Cromwell, CT - Skyway Roofing of Torrington is the 2017 winner of Connecticut Better Business Bureau's 2017 Superior Customer Service Award. Skyway was recognized by the BBB for its dedication to ethics in their customer service. Specifically, for their attention to employee training on the importance of quality service in dealing with each customer. The award was presented at Connecticut BBB's Annual Meeting and Awards Banquet, November 9, 2017. 

CCS Insurance of Hebron received an honorable mention in this category. Bethany-based Arnone Building and Remodeling received the Business/Consumer Education Award, which recognizes a business that makes a strong, consistent effort to educate businesses and consumers on topics of professional & public importance. Sanson Insurance & Financial Services in Cromwell received an honorable mention.

The Website Marketing Message Award went to The Window People in Stamford. This award highlights a business that utilizes ethical and informative websites as tools for their products, services and/or industry.  Trantolo & Trantolo of Hartford received an honorable mention.

The 2017 BBB Exceptional Employee Award was shared this year by Dawn Sheppard of Autac in Branford and Joyce McKenzie of Companions and Homemakers in Westport.  This award tributes individuals who exemplify high ethical standards of behavior while demonstrating exceptional and honest practices with consumers and clients of their employer. 

Travel Insured International of Glastonbury received the BBB Community Care Award.  They demonstrated the importance of their participation with community service-based organizations. Specifically, they follow eight guiding principles which include their goal of "Touch a Life. Make a Difference." In this category there was an honorable mention given to Bridgeport-based Standard Oil.

There were also two BBB Student Scholarship recipients, Scott Elliot of Xavier High School in Middletown who won the Student Ethics Award and Agatha Holland from Foran High School in Milford who received a BBB Military Line Scholarship

Connecticut BBB's annual awards recognize Connecticut businesses that show outstanding performance, and serve as an example for other businesses which contribute to BBB's goal of advancing marketplace trust.



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Author Bill Goldstein in Conversation with Sybil Steinberg on The World Broke in Two Tonight at Westport Library http://news.hamlethub.com/westport/events/15-todays-events/44960-author-bill-goldstein-in-conversation-with-sybil-steinberg-on-the-world-broke-in-two-tonight-at-westport-library44960-author-bill-goldstein-in-conversation-with-sybil-steinberg-on-the-world-broke-in-two-tonight-at-westport-library http://news.hamlethub.com/westport/events/15-todays-events/44960-author-bill-goldstein-in-conversation-with-sybil-steinberg-on-the-world-broke-in-two-tonight-at-westport-library44960-author-bill-goldstein-in-conversation-with-sybil-steinberg-on-the-world-broke-in-two-tonight-at-westport-library

Tonight, Novemeber 16th at 7:00 pm, author Bill Goldstein joins Publishers Weekly contributing editor and former book review section editor Sybil Steinberg for a discussion of Goldstein’s new book The World Broke in Two at the Westport Library.

The World Broke in Two tells the story of the intellectual and personal journeys four legendary writers, Virginia Woolf, T. S. Eliot, E. M. Forster, and D. H. Lawrence, made over the course of one pivotal year. As 1922 begins, all four are confronting an uncertain creative future despite success in the past. What these writers were struggling with that year was in fact the invention of modernism. Based on original research, The World Broke in Two captures both the literary breakthroughs and the intense personal dramas of these beloved writers as they strive for greatness. 

“A fascinating and engrossing tale . . . This is Goldstein’s own personal triumph: he creates an original, moving and at times wryly amusing account of four literary demi-gods during the course of these few months that shaped a new direction in English literature, incorporating a wealth of detail which builds, layer upon layer, until the picture is satisfyingly complete.” —Times Literary Supplement 

Bill Goldstein, the founding editor of the books site of The New York Times on the Web, reviews books and interviews authors for NBC's "Weekend Today in New York." He is also curator of public programs at Roosevelt House, the public policy institute of New York's Hunter College. He received a Ph.D in English from City University of New York Graduate Center in 2010, and is the recipient of writing fellowships at MacDowell, Yaddo, Ucross and elsewhere.


The event will take place in the Large Reading Room. The Westport Library is located at: 
20 Jesup Road, Westport, CT 06880 | 203.291.4800 | Hours: Mon-Thurs 9-9 , Fri 9-6 , Sat 9-5 , Sun 1-5



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Connecticut is first state in country to use intimate partner violence risk assessment tool http://news.hamlethub.com/westport/life/44958-connecticut-is-first-state-in-country-to-use-intimate-partner-violence-risk-assessment-tool44958-connecticut-is-first-state-in-country-to-use-intimate-partner-violence-risk-assessment-tool http://news.hamlethub.com/westport/life/44958-connecticut-is-first-state-in-country-to-use-intimate-partner-violence-risk-assessment-tool44958-connecticut-is-first-state-in-country-to-use-intimate-partner-violence-risk-assessment-tool

CCADV, CT POST release report regarding CT’s Lethality Assessment Program

Today Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence (CCADV) and CT Police Officer Standards and Training Council (POST) released a new report – Connecticut ’s Lethality Assessment Program 2017 Report. The report highlights that Connecticut is the first state in the country to achieve statewide utilization by law enforcement of an intimate partner violence risk assessment tool. The Lethality Assessment Program (LAP) provides a two-pronged approach that allows law enforcement to identify victims of intimate partner violence at risk for increased or fatal violence and get them immediately connected to help.

According to Connecticut’s Family Violence 2016 Arrest Report, there were 12,894 arrests for intimate partner violence in 2016, accounting for approximately one-third of all cases in Connecticut’s criminal justice system. The successful statewide implementation of LAP has had a significant impact on connecting victims in Connecticut to domestic violence services at a critical time while also shaping policy to strengthen the state’s response to domestic violence. Data collected between October 2012 and September 2017 demonstrates:

  • 22,566 lethality screens completed statewide
  • 51% deemed “high danger”
  • 73% of “high danger” victims spoke with a counselor when the police officer placed a phone call to the local domestic violence organization at the scene
  •  89% of those victims who spoke with a domestic violence counselor at the scene followed up for services

A review of over 3,000 screen responses found that 61% of victims had recently left or were attempting to leave their abuser at the time police were called, 58% of victims had experienced attempted strangulation, and 53% of victims had been stalked by their abuser. The timely connection of high danger victims to services that are facilitated by the use of LAP is critical to providing safety planning as victims prepare for the release of their abuser from custody, which may occur within hours of an arrest.

In September 2012, following a recommendation by the Connecticut Domestic Violence Fatality Review Task Force, which is led by CCADV, CCADV and the Connecticut Police Officer Standards & Training Council (POST) partnered to begin the statewide rollout of LAP. LAP utilizes a validated screening tool that identifies known risk factors for fatal intimate partner violence. The screen itself takes just 5 minutes for law enforcement to conduct and evaluate for the potential immediate referral of a victim to domestic violence services.

“The Lethality Assessment Program identifies those victims of domestic violence who are in ‘high danger’,” said Chief John Gavallas, Watertown Police Department, and President, Connecticut Police Chiefs Association. “This opens the door to safety and services that can make a significant change in the lives of those victims and their children.”

To ensure that the best practices and sizeable accomplishments achieved through LAP are not only maintained, but advanced, some next steps include:

  •                     Reviewing further research opportunities and data collection initiatives to formulate recommendations for systems-level change.
  •                     Assess potential changes to LAP protocol based on the available data about types of abuse experienced by victims in Connecticut.
  •                     Develop processes to ensure adherence to the fidelity of the LAP protocol.
  •                     Establish a clear model for the implementation and sustainability of LAP on a statewide basis that can be utilized by Connecticut and other states.
  •                     Determine other areas of the criminal justice system that could be informed about offender risk and dangerousness through the utilization of the LAP screen score while maintaining victim safety and confidentiality.
  •                     Work with other stakeholders to ensure uniform data collection across systems.

First piloted in 2010 by Ansonia Police Chief Kevin J. Hale in concert with CCADV member organization, The Umbrella Center for Domestic Violence Services, LAP was created by the Maryland Network Against Domestic Violence. LAP is based on extensive and comprehensive research conducted by Dr. Jacquelyn C. Campbell and Johns Hopkins University over a 25 year period. Maryland LAP provided training and technical assistance for the development and implantation of LAP in Connecticut.

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LIFEWTR gave an emerging NYC artist worldly recognition http://news.hamlethub.com/westport/neighbors/44956-lifewtr-gave-an-emerging-nyc-artist-worldly-recognition44956-lifewtr-gave-an-emerging-nyc-artist-worldly-recognition http://news.hamlethub.com/westport/neighbors/44956-lifewtr-gave-an-emerging-nyc-artist-worldly-recognition44956-lifewtr-gave-an-emerging-nyc-artist-worldly-recognition

It's very exciting to see people holding my artwork in their hands. I think it's great that LIFEWTR is supporting emerging artists and designers because, in the beginning, it's very hard to find people who believe in your mission

 - Tiffany Huang

HamletHub has been presenting our readers with a series of engaging and empowering videos from LIFEWTR, a bottled water that uses every bottle to showcase new and emerging artists.

LIFEWTR’s Series 3 turns its focus to fashion and celebrates the designs of three talented emerging designers who bring their creative visions to life through incredible outfits.

Meet Tiffany Huang, a Taiwanese designer born in the USA with a specialization in sustainable/conscious textiles.

In partnership with the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA), this series explores the different ways in which fashion is its own unique form of art.

Watch this video and quench your thirst for inspiration.

Learn more about LIFEWTR here.


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Weir Farm Artist-in-Residence Exhibition/Reception: Linda Packard at Wilton Library http://news.hamlethub.com/westport/events/44954-weir-farm-artist-in-residence-exhibition-reception-linda-packard-at-wilton-library44954-weir-farm-artist-in-residence-exhibition-reception-linda-packard-at-wilton-library http://news.hamlethub.com/westport/events/44954-weir-farm-artist-in-residence-exhibition-reception-linda-packard-at-wilton-library44954-weir-farm-artist-in-residence-exhibition-reception-linda-packard-at-wilton-library

November brings Linda Packard to the Weir Farm Artist-in-Residence program. Linda’s work is expressive, responding to direct observation in nature. She has a personal relationship with trees. She often treats trees as figures, gestural and dancing. She was deeply moved by two 2014 art shows in New York in which the artists used trees either as the subject or as a source of expression. Since then, it has been her goal to produce a major body of work exploring her personal expression of 'tree.'
Weir Farm's Artist-in-Residence program (AIR) selects twelve artists to live and work at Weir Farm each year. To date, over 200 artists from throughout the U.S., as well as Tunisia, Germany, Australia, India and the Netherlands have participated in the AIR program. Visual artists apply for one month residencies in all media and diverse artistic points of view from traditional to experimental.

Co-sponsored by Weir Farm Art Center and Weir Farm National Historic Site and presented by Wilton Library. No charge. Registration suggested. To register, please click the Sign Up button below or call 203-762-3950. Wilton Library, 137 Old Ridgefield Road, Wilton. http://www.wiltonlibrary.org

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Last Chance to See Romeo & Juliet at the Westport Country Playhouse This Weekend http://news.hamlethub.com/westport/events/44952-last-chance-to-see-romeo-juliet-at-the-westport-country-playhouse-this-weekend44952-last-chance-to-see-romeo-juliet-at-the-westport-country-playhouse-this-weekend http://news.hamlethub.com/westport/events/44952-last-chance-to-see-romeo-juliet-at-the-westport-country-playhouse-this-weekend44952-last-chance-to-see-romeo-juliet-at-the-westport-country-playhouse-this-weekend

As classic a play as Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet is, there are not that many chances to see professional productions of the caliber of the Westport Country Playhouse's production directed by Mark Lamos. The production closes this weekend. 


Tickets range in price from $25 to $70 and can be purchased online at http://www.westportplayhouse.org


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Eric Ben-Kiki of Hartford’s EBK Gallery is Guest Curator for Silvermine Guild Group Show Exhibition http://news.hamlethub.com/westport/events/44948-eric-ben-kiki-of-hartford-s-ebk-gallery-is-guest-curator-for-silvermine-guild-group-show-exhibition44948-eric-ben-kiki-of-hartford-s-ebk-gallery-is-guest-curator-for-silvermine-guild-group-show-exhibition http://news.hamlethub.com/westport/events/44948-eric-ben-kiki-of-hartford-s-ebk-gallery-is-guest-curator-for-silvermine-guild-group-show-exhibition44948-eric-ben-kiki-of-hartford-s-ebk-gallery-is-guest-curator-for-silvermine-guild-group-show-exhibition

In its year-end exhibit of 2017, the Silvermine Galleries will present a Guild Group Show guest curated by Eric Ben-Kiki, whose contemporary art gallery in downtown Hartford is creating a new model for presenting artists to the public. Ben-Kiki brings his curatorial eye to the wide-ranging work of the Silvermine Guild of Artists.

The exhibition runs from November 26 through December 22, with an opening reception on December 3, 2-4pm. The reception is free and open to all.

An Artist Talk will take place on Tues., Dec. 12 at 6pm in the gallery.

Accompanying the Guild Group Show will be an extended Holiday Gift Shop offering art and fine crafts in diverse media.

Speaking about his selections for the Guild Group exhibition, Eric Ben-Kiki said he thinks about “the presence each piece commands. I juggle multiple ideas to apply when I view a wide spectrum of artwork. I think about the poetic voice of a piece, the crafting of it, the idea driving it, layers of perception in play. And also, very, very important, is keeping in mind that there is a viewing public that will see though eyes other than mine. For me, the type of artwork doesn’t pre-determine any decisions of choice, because the caliber of work will ultimately be what presents itself. One of the most rewarding experiences curating and choosing artwork for exhibits are those moments of discovery. There were many here at Silvermine.”

The exhibition includes work by dozens of Guild members across all disciplines. Among BenKiki’s selections are Scott Richter’s abstract painting, which is a nuanced political statement from his Trump series; and altered book art from Chris Perry, who in Ben-Kiki’s words, “uses materials the way a painter uses colors.” Zeb Mayer merges lush pattern and color, Dmitri Wright expands his territory, and Pam Ackley offers her inimitable take on the portrait and the still life.

Before opening his EBK Gallery in Hartford, Eric Ben-Kiki designed and installed exhibits for the Wadsworth Atheneum and the University of Hartford’s Joseloff Gallery, and also managed Trinity College’s art collection. Since 1998 he has been owner of EBK Framing and Art Services specializing in all aspects of art presentation such as museum framing, lighting, restoration and exhibition design. His clients include businesses, museums, non-profits and private collections in Connecticut. Over the last twenty-five years Eric has consistently curated and produced exhibits showcasing regional and national artists, which led to his founding of the EBK Gallery. At EBK, he specializes in curating and presenting small and focused oneperson exhibits, which are all viewable at https://www.ebkgallery.com. He serves as a board member of the Hartford Art School and an Advisory Board Member of the Connecticut Forum, and is, in his own words, “pretty much a lifelong hardwired optimist.”

Silvermine Arts Center is one of the oldest artist communities in the United States. Its 5 ­acre campus in New Canaan, Connecticut, consists of a nationally renowned artist guild, an award-­winning school of art offering classes for all ages, an arts and fine crafts shop, and a gallery offering over twenty contemporary and historic exhibitions annually. Silvermine is a non­profit 501c3 organization that also offers an Outreach Education Program, Art Partners, and hosts lectures, film screenings, and special events. Silvermine Galleries are open Wednesday through Saturday, 12 pm to 5 pm and Sunday from 1 pm to 5 pm. For more information, call (203) 966­9700 ext. 20 or visit the website: www.silvermineart.org.

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Join Fairfield County Bank for Home in a Day event on Saturday http://news.hamlethub.com/westport/events/44947-join-fairfield-county-bank-for-home-in-a-day-event-on-saturday44947-join-fairfield-county-bank-for-home-in-a-day-event-on-saturday http://news.hamlethub.com/westport/events/44947-join-fairfield-county-bank-for-home-in-a-day-event-on-saturday44947-join-fairfield-county-bank-for-home-in-a-day-event-on-saturday

Fairfield County Bank is co-sponsoring Home in a Day hosted by the Housing Development Fund (HDF)

Home in a Day is a one-stop shop for first-time homebuyers as you will receive a free credit report, an action plan to start your home buying process, and a chance to meet with Fairfield County Bank’s Loan Officers Kevin McMahon, Patrick McRedmond, and John Mascolo to discuss first mortgage options.

“We are very excited to be sponsoring the Home in a Day event and working with such a great organization, the Housing Development Fund. Our goal is to help customers navigate their home buying experience, sharing our team’s expertise to help find the right loan option that fits the homebuyer’s individual needs,” said George Bossis, Executive Vice President at Fairfield County Bank.  

The event will take place at the Norwalk Inn, 99 East Avenue Norwalk, CT 06851 on Saturday, November 18, 2017.

You can register for the event at www.hdfconnects.org/event/november-home-in-a-day/

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Westport Winter Farmers’ Market to Hold End of Season Farm-to-Food Truck Party! http://news.hamlethub.com/westport/events/44953-westport-winter-farmers-market-to-hold-end-of-season-farm-to-food-truck-party44953-westport-winter-farmers-market-to-hold-end-of-season-farm-to-food-truck-party http://news.hamlethub.com/westport/events/44953-westport-winter-farmers-market-to-hold-end-of-season-farm-to-food-truck-party44953-westport-winter-farmers-market-to-hold-end-of-season-farm-to-food-truck-party

Anyone who attended even a single Westport Farmers’ Market this year will attest to its ever-growing popularity. On Saturday, Nov 18, the market will open-up shop for the season with a celebration. Full-time vendors, guest vendors, and special food truck vendors, EggZ, Granola Bar, Boxcar and Skinny Pines will join with musicians and merry makers to welcome winter.

 “This year we’ve witnessed such palpable dedication from Westport-area shoppers to the local food movement and our local farmers and vendors,” said Lori Cochran-Dougall, market manager. “What better way to recognize that commitment than with a party to celebrate a new season..”

Indeed, the mission of the Westport Farmers’ Market is to provide fresh, local, healthful, and seasonal food to the community in a fun, safe, and healthy community-centered environment that promotes education about local food, local farms, and sustainable, healthy growing practices.

This Saturday, bring your friends, neighbors, family, and tote bags to the WFM Farm-to-Food Truck Party from 10 to 2 at Gilbertie’s Herbs and Garden Center, 7 Sylvan Lane. The event is free and open to the public, and all ages are welcome.

For more information, email Lori Cochran-Dougall, director@westportfarmersmarket.com.


The mission of the Westport Farmers’ Market is to create and maintain a regional hub where real farmers connect with consumers over real food. In facilitating these interactions, the Westport Farmers' Market strives to help food producers and food consumers forge lasting relationships that celebrate education, sustainability, healthy living, and just plain delicious food!  

For more information www.westportfarmersmarket.com or email director@westportfarmersmarket.com

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Call For Entries! 4th Annual Greenwich International Film Festival http://news.hamlethub.com/westport/life/44946-call-for-entries-4th-annual-greenwich-international-film-festival44946-call-for-entries-4th-annual-greenwich-international-film-festival http://news.hamlethub.com/westport/life/44946-call-for-entries-4th-annual-greenwich-international-film-festival44946-call-for-entries-4th-annual-greenwich-international-film-festival

Compelling. Provocative. Thrilling. Empowering.

These are the adjectives that describe the films that play in the minds of tomorrow’s great filmmakers. Greenwich International Film Festival aims to celebrate these gifted artists annually and to promote Greenwich, Connecticut, as a film and visual arts epicenter.

Set in Greenwich, an affluent community of art enthusiasts located 45-minutes outside of Manhattan, this carefully curated Festival will connect an audience of prospective financiers, distributors and film lovers with rising stars in the film industry.

To Submit your film, follow THIS LINK


The mission of the Greenwich International Film Festival is to provide filmmakers with an effective platform to showcase their work with the goal of finding financing opportunities for future projects. Additionally, GIFF harnesses the power of film to serve the greater good by highlighting and supporting issues related to basic human rights, education, the environment, and health care.

In 2015, GIFF supported OneMinutesJr, a UNICEF initiative, which provides underprivileged children around the world with the tools to make short films in order to have their voices heard. In our second year, GIFF supported The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (Abigail Breslin, Rising Changemaker Honoree), The Rainforest Fund (Trudie Styler, Changemaker Honoree), Girl Rising (Freida Pinto, Changemaker Honoree), Kristin Davis Foundation (Kristin Davis, Head of GIFF Social Impact Film Jury), and Community Access (John Turturro, Spotlight On... Guest). Last year, GIFF supported ALS Finding A Cure, ALSA, and the SIMS foundation (Renee Zellweger, Changemaker Honoree), Every Mother Counts (Christy Turlington Burns, Changemaker Honoree), and Raqqa Is Being Slaughtered Silently (Matthew Heineman, Social Impact Award Winner).

To date, GIFF has awarded $95,000 in cash prizes to our filmmakers and $350,000 in charitable support to various organizations.


The Fourth Annual Greenwich International Film Festival (GIFF) event will take place May 31st through June 3rd, 2018. The four-day Festival will showcase 50+ domestic and international film premieres and screenings, a star-studded Opening Night Party, educational panels and workshops, and the Changemaker Honoree Gala that honors actors and entertainment professionals who have used
 film to impact positive change. Significant cash prizes, including an award for the Best Social Impact Film, are awarded to filmmakers each year. In addition to the Festival weekend, supporting workshops, seminars and screenings throughout the year will cultivate a burgeoning visual arts community in Greenwich and beyond.

GIFF garners great media attention. The 2017 Festival generated tremendous coverage resulting in a record 2.5 billion media impressions in news outlets around the world including: The Hollywood Reporter, ABC's Good Morning America, People, Associated Press, Indiewire, Today Show, Access Hollywood,
 US Weekly, New York Post, Variety, Deadline, Billboard, The Huffington Post, Town&Country, Greenwich Magazine, Greenwich Time, and many others.

GIFF has a strong social media following including 44,070 Twitter followers, 32,861 Instagram Followers, and 13,275 Facebook followers. The GIFF team is dedicated to promoting its selected films leading up to and following the Festival weekend in order to maximize the exposure of its filmmakers.

For more information about our Festival Sponsors and our esteemed Board Members please visit http://www.greenwichfilm.org/

*2017 Award-Winning Films: 
Best Social Impact Film, $10,000 - CITY OF GHOSTS 
Best Narrative Feature, $5,000 - THE STRANGE ONES 
Best Documentary Feature, $5,000 - BENDING THE ARC 
Best Narrative Short, $2,000 - UNDER PRESSURE 
Best Documentary Short, $2,000 - THE RABBIT HUNT 
Connecticut Best Short Film, $1,000 - BLIND SUSHI

joanneh@hamlethub.com (GIFF) Life Wed, 15 Nov 2017 04:41:19 -0500
NOW HIRING: Become a Police Officer in Darien CT! http://news.hamlethub.com/westport/life/44945-now-hiring-become-a-police-officer-in-darien-ct44945-now-hiring-become-a-police-officer-in-darien-ct http://news.hamlethub.com/westport/life/44945-now-hiring-become-a-police-officer-in-darien-ct44945-now-hiring-become-a-police-officer-in-darien-ct



SALARY RANGE:   $66,475 to $90,383

BENEFITS INCLUDE:  Sick leave, paid vacation, 12 paid holidays, pension plan, group life insurance, group health insurance, longevity increases, tuition reimbursement.  Opportunity for extra duty pay, 20-year retirement with no age limitation.



Applications must be postmarked or on file at the office of the Chief of Police on or before December 31, 2017

Return or mail applications to:   Office of the Chief of Police

                                                     Darien Police Department, 25 Hecker Avenue, Darien, CT  06820

EXAMPLES OF DUTIES:   Works under immediate supervision of captain, lieutenant or sergeant as designated, who frequently review work for completeness and conformance to orders and regulations.  Operates Department cruisers and/or walks foot patrol beat on assigned shifts.  Maintains order and protects life and property.  Investigates complaints, violations, and accidents completing all required written reports.  Performs all related duties as required. 

CANDIDATE REQUIREMENTS:  Candidates must have earned a minimum of sixty credits from an accredited college or university, OR a minimum of two years full active military duty plus 30 credits, OR previous law enforcement experience plus 30 credits.  Candidates are required to attach a copy of their academic transcript(s) to their employment application upon submission.  Candidates must have reached their 21st birthday at the time of written test.  The candidate must possess a valid motor vehicle operator’s license, and must be a citizen of the United States.  Police officers must possess a satisfactory level of social and general intelligence; ability to comprehend and follow written and oral policies and procedures; basic computer skills; ability to write accurate investigatory reports; logical reasoning, problem solving, and decision making abilities; capacity for sustained attention and concentration, as well as for decisive action.  Police officer candidates must meet acceptable standards of physical and mental health, being free of any physical, mental, or physiological condition that could impair essential job requirements, including significant personality disorder or substance abuse.  Candidates must have normal hearing, normal color vision and depth perception, binocular vision, distance and near vision (with lenses) must be 20/30 each eye.  Candidates must be free from felony and Class A or B misdemeanor convictions, and have a good educational and work record.

Candidates applying to the Darien Police Department must have a valid CHIP Card in order to apply for the position of police officer.


                         1.   Application

                        2.   Written Examination                     Minimum Passing Score 70%

                        3.   CHIP card            

                        4.   Oral Examination

                        5.   Polygraph Examination                 (Pass/Fail)

                        6.   Psychological Examination           (Pass/Fail)

                        7.   Drug Screen                                  (Pass/Fail)

                        8.   Stress Test                                     (Pass/Fail)

                        9.   Comprehensive Medical Exam.    (Pass/Fail)

                      10.   Background Investigation                                                                                  

The Board of Police Commissioners will interview successful candidates in making its determination of which to employ.


Candidates must obtain a passing score on each part of the examination to be considered for succeeding parts.

As the needs of the Darien Police Department dictate, admission to the oral phase will be limited only to candidates who have a valid CHIP card andscore highest on the written phase.

The written examination will be conducted for the Town of Darien, Connecticut by a private testing agency.

Successful passing of written examination, oral board and the remainder of the selection process requirements stated does not guarantee employment by the Darien Police Department.  The Town of Darien is an equal opportunity employer.

For additional information, please visit our web site www.darienpolice.org or call our Training Division at 203-662-5342 Monday-Friday, 7:00 AM-3:00 PM. 


Applications may be obtained from the Office of Chief of Police, Police Headquarters, Darien, Connecticut, or may be downloaded via our website.


Written examination will be given on January 13, 2018 at Middlesex Middle School, Darien, Connecticut.

The Town of Darien is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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Thrown Stone Welcomes Jeff Krulwich to its Board of Directors http://news.hamlethub.com/westport/neighbors/44944-jeff-krulwich-151069677644944-jeff-krulwich-1510696776 http://news.hamlethub.com/westport/neighbors/44944-jeff-krulwich-151069677644944-jeff-krulwich-1510696776

Thrown Stone welcomed Jeff Krulwich to its Board of Directors today. A Harvard Business School-trained executive, Jeff has had a wide-ranging career in consumer packaged goods and has over 20 years of experience as a consultant for global brands. Jeff is also deeply involved with the community, and regularly volunteers his time as a consultant to a diverse array of local groups.


“I attended Thrown Stone’s first reading of Milk and was moved by the quality of the performances and the artistic vision” says Krulwich. “I kept in touch with Jason and Jonathan, eventually leading a strategic brainstorming session for Thrown Stone with Harvard Community Partners last summer, where I was impressed with how far they’d come in so little time. I was very pleased to be invited to help serve Thrown Stone’s unique mission.”


Thrown Stone cultivates artists and audiences through opportunity, education, and mentorship, emphasizing new work and unconventional approaches to repertoire. We are committed to integrity, inclusiveness, and using technology to serve the region with theatre of distinction.

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How to Dispose of Leaves Legally and Responsibly in Westport http://news.hamlethub.com/westport/life/44941-how-to-dispose-of-leaves-legally-and-responsibly-in-westport44941-how-to-dispose-of-leaves-legally-and-responsibly-in-westport http://news.hamlethub.com/westport/life/44941-how-to-dispose-of-leaves-legally-and-responsibly-in-westport44941-how-to-dispose-of-leaves-legally-and-responsibly-in-westport

The Conservation Department reminds Westport residents that both the Regulations for the Protection and Preservation of Wetlands and Watercourses of the Town of Westport, and Westport’s Waterway Protection Line Ordinance prohibit the dumping of debris, including leaves, in a wetland or watercourse. 

Conservation Director Alicia Mozian stated, “Now that autumn has arrived, it seems like the yard work has only begun. Before long we’ll all be raking and hauling leaves in an effort to clean up, and looking for a way to dispose of leaves. As tempting as it may be, however, our wetlands and watercourses are not the place to be dumping leaves.”

Ms. Mozian continued, “Laws that protect our wetlands and waterways are there to protect the town’s natural resources as well as private property.”

She explained the following:

  • Wetlands act as natural drainage basins for the collection of excess groundwater in the spring and runoff during storm events. 
  • Wetlands keep floodwaters within streams and their floodplains. When people use wetlands for leaf disposal, their natural ability to absorb water for flood control purposes can be compromised. When wetlands are filled in, water could be displaced to adjacent properties potentially causing flooding of neighboring land.
  • Leaves can also clog streams and drainage culverts causing flooding problems for upstream residents. Furthermore, when the leaves decompose, they may cause nutrient overloading in the stream leading to unpleasant algae blooms, lower dissolved oxygen levels, and the death of dependent aquatic organisms. 
  • Freshwater wetlands retain floodwaters like a sponge, releasing them slowly over time. This gradual release supplies nearby streams with water during times of drought, keeping the watercourse healthy. If wetlands are filled with leaves or otherwise altered, the streams depending on them can run dry in summer months, creating undesirable stagnant pools where running water should be. 

Residents are reminded that there are several options available for proper leaf disposal, including:

Composting leaves in the back yard within a fenced area or a composting receptacle, located at least 20 feet away from any wetland or watercourse. Not only is backyard composting a convenient alternative, it also produces valuable soil for container or garden planting the following year. Residents can learn the simple techniques of composting by linking to various web-sites such as www.organicgardening.com/learn-and-grow/basic-leaf-mold 

  • Westport residents with a valid sticker may deliver leaves to the yard waste site at 180 Bayberry Lane behind the Westport/Weston Health District (no plastic bags please.) The yard waste site is open Monday through Friday 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. and 7 a.m to 12 p.m. on Saturday.  From Nov. 4 thru Dec. 2 Saturday hours at the yard waste site will be extended until 3 p.m. 
  • The curbside collection period is happening now and through Dec. 4, 2017.  Any leaves placed on the curbside during this period in biodegradable paper bags will be collected by the Westport Public Works Department.  Leaves placed in plastic bags will not be picked up.  The compost process cannot handle plastic bags. Residents living on private roadways must place their bagged leaves at an intersecting town roadway. 

A Department of Public Works crew will pick up throughout the entire town several times during the collection period.  A final pass will begin on Dec. 4 and take approximately one week.  Any properly bagged leaves put out before Dec. 4 will be collected

For more information about leaf removal or the yard waste site, contact the Department of Public Works at 203-341-1120.


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WestportWRITES: Advanced Writing Class http://news.hamlethub.com/westport/events/15-todays-events/44940-westportwrites-advanced-writing-class44940-westportwrites-advanced-writing-class http://news.hamlethub.com/westport/events/15-todays-events/44940-westportwrites-advanced-writing-class44940-westportwrites-advanced-writing-class

Mary-Lou Weisman, bestselling author, personal essayist and memoir writer, offers an eight-session workshop for those who have had some experience in writing memoir and personal essay. The class is not a beginners' class. The goal is to foster a habit of writing, to briefly review the elements of good style and to help writers become their own best editors. Students will email their work to all class members at least two days before the next class so that they can edit their classmates' work. Those edits, plus Mary-Lou's, will be the main business of each class. 

The eight sessions will be 1-2:45 pm in the Seminar room on the following dates: every other Tuesday, October 3, 17 & 31; November 14 & 28; December 12 & 19 (Note: this last class is only one week apart). To be sure that you are ready for this advanced eight-week course, Mary-Lou will review a sample. Please email about 500 words, no more than a two page, double-spaced sample of your memoir or personal essay writing to Jennifer Keller at jkeller@westportlibrary.orgIt may take a week or so to review submissions. Class size is limited to 10. Fee, $15. Registration link will be sent after the review of your sample. Note: Because there is usually a waiting list, acceptance is contingent on your intention to attend all classes.

If you are interested in her Introductory Non-Fiction Writing workshop, click here.

Weisman has written two memoirs (Intensive Care and Traveling While Married); a biography (Al Jaffee's Mad Life); and a bestselling humor book (My Middle-aged Baby Book.) As an adjunct professor, she has taught writing, both memoir and personal essay, at The New School, New York University, Manhattanville College, and at both Westport and Norwalk Continuing Education programs.

 Weeks Seminar Room
The Westport Library is located at: 20 Jesup Road, Westport, CT 06880 | 203.291.4800 | Hours: Mon-Thurs 9-9 , Fri 9-6 , Sat 9-5 , Sun 1-5
For more information, please visit: http://westportlibrary.org
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BMA Gala Set for Nov. 27 at Westport Playhouse http://news.hamlethub.com/westport/events/44943-bma-gala-set-for-nov-27-at-westport-playhouse44943-bma-gala-set-for-nov-27-at-westport-playhouse http://news.hamlethub.com/westport/events/44943-bma-gala-set-for-nov-27-at-westport-playhouse44943-bma-gala-set-for-nov-27-at-westport-playhouse

Westport, CT - Broadway Method Academy (BMA), a non-profit musical theater-training program, will hold its third annual benefit gala, Broadway Sings, on Monday, November 27 at the prestigious Westport Country Playhouse. 

BMA is a non-profit musical theater-training program where young artists are linked with working Broadway professionals, both in the classroom and on-stage. The academy serves at resident conservatory to Westport Country Playhouse. Broadway Sings is an annual fundraiser to support the diverse line-up of programs BMA offers, as well as their scholarship foundation. 

Executive Director of the organization Connor Deane says incredible talents from Broadway and beyond will team up with over 40 students of Broadway Method Academy to present a one-night only concert.

It was previously announced that Broadway legend, Richard Jay-Alexander would serve as the honorary chairperson for the 2017 gala. “I’m thrilled to be joining the BMA family,” said Jay-Alexander, “fostering young talent has always been a passion of mine. In fact, I first met BMA Executive Director, Connor Deane, when I cast him in my production of Les Miserables at The Muny in St. Louis. He was just a junior in college at the time. Being a part of something he’s created, five years later, is truly special for me.” Richard Jay-Alexander will take part in the gala and give a special masterclass to the students of BMA the evening before. 

Each year BMA assembles an incredibly talented group of Broadway performers who lend their talents to the event. This year will feature Blaine Krauss (Great Comet, The Lion King), Noah Ricketts (Frozen, Beautiful), Kathryn Boswell (Anastasia, Gigi), Todd Buonopane (Cinderella, Spelling Bee), Giovanni Bonaventura (Hello Dolly!, Wicked), Josh Daniel (Book of Mormon), Christine Smith (Cats), Bret Shufford (Paramour, Little Mermaid, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang), Stephen Hanna (Hello Dolly!) Chris Rice (Book of Mormon), Lee Slobotkin (Wicked, Book of Mormon), Lauren Sprague (Cinderella), Victoria Cook (Into the Woods), Josh Tolle (Kinky Boots), Matt Denksy, & Matt Amira (Dirty Dancing). 

The evening will begin with a cocktail hour and silent auction at 6:00 followed by a performance from the Broadway & BMA performers. Tickets are available via the Westport Country Playhouse box office.

Broadway Sings is Co-Chaired by Kathie Donahue and Helen Prial Snyder. J. Scott Handley serves as Music Director and Audra Bryant choreographs with additional choreography by BMA’s Artistic Director, Julie Kavanagh. 

For more information on the gala, please visit BMA’s website at www.broadwaymethodacademy.org

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