WEF Hosts Adult Spelling Bee


Have you heard the BUZZZ?

What is it? A mix of Wilton’s hardcore spelling nerds, class clowns and lovers of logorrhea—from high school seniors to seniors citizens—who will check their dignity at the door and compete in teams of three for bragging rights and shiny trophies while raising funds to enrich Wilton’s public schools. Go for the hilarious team names, the ridiculous costumes and the inevitable laughs you’ll have while watching your friends, neighbors and colleagues try to spell “triskaidekaphobia.”

Spelling Bee “hives” are comprised of teams of three: one “queen/king bee;” and two “drones,” who will consult and agree on a word’s spelling. (Rest assured, there is no solo spelling.) Some hives may elect to study in advance of the competition, while others may opt to “wing it.” Either approach is equally encouraged, as both achieve “bee-utiful” results! The hives will compete in three rounds, with the winning team of each round moving forward to participate in the Championship Round. The Hives may purchase an “epi-pen” (lifeline) to tap an audience member for additional spelling assistance, with the caveat that teams may not use the epi-pen to win the round that advances to the Championship Round. Trophies will be presented to the winning hive!

Hives are strongly urged to concoct recognizable, clever or punny team names and wear costumes to reflect said name. (We like it when the audience groans!) Hive entrance fees are a tax-deductible contribution of $150.00. The fee may be creatively funded, e.g., Wilton High School Alums may collect donations from fellow alums who would rather not spell words in a public forum, but still wish to support Wilton schools.

If spelling isn’t really your talent, but you would “bee” tickled to show your support, please consider sponsoring a team or making a donation—in addition to attending—the Spelling Bee. We have a huge number of community service teams that would love to display their spelling prowess. The entry form below lists the various options and details.

Too young to participate, but happen to have an amazing propensity for spelling? Submit 1-4 challenging words via Stump an Adult

Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any questions. ”Bee” there or “Bee” square!

For more informtation and forms - visit the WEF website


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