Find Memories of Astoria at This Local Shop

Every good neighborhood has one of those stores where one can wander in and, in just a few minutes, understand the essence of the place they’re in. A shop with memorabilia, local foods and products, and a decorative style which speaks volumes of the people who live here. For Astoria, Lockwood is that shop, going above and beyond simply selling common amenities and becoming a whole new entity altogether.

Located at 32-15 33rd Street in Astoria, Queens, Lockwood has it all: chic clothing, local food, housewares, comfortable furniture, books, and more. Perhaps try on a classic “ I Heart Astoria” shirt, sample the locally made Coconut Key Lime Organic Cashew Butter, or choose from the huge selection of wall prints featuring maps and pictures of Astoria and the surrounding areas. Lockwood also features a special kids section, offering age-appropriate books, toys, and clothing for children. Whether you’re looking for yourself or someone else, you’re bound to find a great gift at Lockwood.

In addition to a varied selection of products on offer, the store also hosts events on the property, open to all. Past events include cooking classes, art festivals, food markets, and more. Visitors are treated to a fantastic community experience either inside the store workshop or on the outdoor patio.

Owner and longstanding Astoria resident Mackenzi Farquer has put plenty of love into Lockwood. Having contributed her fair share to the community with her popular blog “We Heart Astoria,” combined with extensive experience in interior design, has led to the creation of the ultimate neighborhood store.

Lockwood is open Monday through Sunday from 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM. For more information, please visit http://lockwoodshop.com/.



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