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Christie Macomber ~ Editor

Christie moved to Bethel in the second grade and has embraced all that Bethel has to offer ever since. After graduating from Bethel High, she went on to study at University of Connecticut earning a degree in Marketing.  

Christie, the mother of two and wife to Doug, says that being a stay at home mom "is the toughest job I've ever loved."  As a mother of active children, Christie is part of the infrastructure of the historic town of Bethel. She enjoys sharing  her hometown happenings and news as editor of Bethel HamletHub.

Joanna Kutler~ Day Tripping & Family Outings

Joanna Kutler loves to travel near and far with her family. Born to British parents, she traveled in Europe and the US while growing up. More recently, she lived in Tokyo, Japan with her husband and two children, traveling throughout Asia. Now a resident of Ridgefield, Joanna details her suggestions for day trips and more extensive outings on Hamlet Hub and on her Travily blog, www.travilyblog.com.

Olga Adler ~ Interior Design

Olga Adler is the principal of Olga Adler Interiors, an interior design firm in Ridgefield. Known for her fondness for simple forms, love of color and unique accessories, Adler has won acclaim for her refreshing approach to classic design. She combines European sophistication and American sensibility in her creations.

"My approach to interior decorating is lifestyle driven. I enjoy being able to work with my clients in a wide variety of design styles so their homes reflect their lifestyle and personal tastes, not necessarily mine," explains Adler.

Allison Stockel ~ Entertainment

Allison Stockel is the executive director of The Ridgefield Playhouse -- where she books and produces more than 110 shows a year with acts such as Gregg Allman, Clint Black, Charlie Daniels, Blue Oyster Cult, Blues Traveler and many more. Before she moved to Ridgefield, she worked as a television producer for more than 17 years, producing entertainment news programs for networks such as CNN, MTV, VH1, Time Warner, Lifetime, The Food Network and ABC Sports -- interviewing everyone from Pavarotti and Barbara Streisand to The Rolling Stones and The Who. She also ran her own production company where she did a behind-the-scenes documentary on the making of music videos, which included being on the set of videos for Bon Jovi, Kiss, and Genesis. She is a big supporter of many local not for profits and has been featured in many local news stories and magazines.

Patty Lennon ~ Health & Wellness & Life Coach

Patty Lennon is the founder & CEO of "Moms Get a Life".  Lennon, a certified life coach with a Master's of Science degree in counseling, is a graduate of Pace University. Prior to becoming a life coach, she worked at a large global bank where she coached, counseled and mentored countless colleagues seeking satisfaction in their career and balance in their life. "This is my passion," says Lennon. Her philosophy? "I believe that life should feel easy." Learn more about Lennon by visiting her website: www.pattylennon.com

Heather Hansen O'Neill is a professional speaker, success coach and author of the book Find Your Fire at Forty: Creating a Joyful Life During the Age of Discontent.  Learn more about Heather Hansen O'Neill by visiting her website:  www.fireinfive.com

Heather Hansen O'Neill


Heather Hansen O'Neill is a professional speaker, success coach and author of the book Find Your Fire at Forty: Creating a Joyful Life During the Age of Discontent.  Learn more about Heather Hansen O'Neill by visiting her website:  www.fireinfive.com

Nery Leal ~Sales Consultant

Nery Leal is a sales consultant with over 20 years of professional experience.  He has been involved with the sales process from needs assessment/proposal writing for clients to front-end sales with end-users and project initiations.  In fact, his sales training began in the 70′s when, as a kid, he sold ice-cold cans of soda out of a shopping cart to overheated drivers in cars lined up to buy gas.

Throughout his career, Nery has always been involved with mentoring newly hired sales reps and helping them achieve positive sales numbers for the company as soon as possible.  He discovered he had the ability to mentor when he needed to train someone to cover his paper route at the age of 13, (largest bike route in his town's history).

Since then, the lessons he has learned have been honed and sharpened to the point where he can now share them with other sales organizations that want to improve their overall sales. These are, in fact, the only sharp tools his wife allows him to be near.

Loft Consulting llc was born of the idea to share his skills and lessons with small and medium-sized businesses.  If there is prospecting to be done…Nery Leal can help organizations maximize their sales processes and results.

Kristen Jensen ~ Photography

Kristen Jensen, a Bethel resident, is a professional photographer for magazines, corporations, events and individuals.  'As an artist," says Kristen, "I attribute the modern, candid style of my lifestyle photo assignments and portrait shoots to my vast experience in the fashion modeling industry. Coupled with years of international travel to many elegant locations and assisting with some of the top fashion photographers in the industry. This is where my passion for photography and my editorial style was created and developed.  Check out Kristen's photography blog, filled with the things that make life beautiful and fun

John Barricelli ~ Sweet & Savory Recipes

John Barricelli, a graduate of The Culinary Institute,  is a third generation baker who owns & operates The SoNo Bakery & Cafe in Norwalk, CT. John spent 8 years working in production and appearing on Martha Stewart's TV show -- a natural progression to hosting his own show on PBS: Everyday Baking from Everyday Food.  His new book: The SoNo Baking Company Cookbook, the Best Sweet & Savory Recipes for Every Occasion (Clarkson Potter, NY),  has been named one of 2010's "Most Exciting Food Books" by Publishers' Weekly.


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