Celebrate Morningstar: Growing Up with Books with Ann Hood at Byrd's Books on Dec. 17

Byrd's Books will welcome Ann Hood on Sunday, Dec. 17 at 3 p.m.

In her admired works of fiction, including the recent "The Book That Matters Most," Ann Hood explores the transformative power of literature. Now, with warmth and honesty, Hood reveals the personal story behind these beloved novels. Growing up in a household that didn’t foster a love of literature, the best-selling author discovered nonetheless the transformative power of books. She learned to channel her imagination, ambitions, and curiosity by devouring ever-growing stacks. In "Morningstar," Hood recollects how "The Bell Jar," "Marjorie Morningstar," "The Harrad Experiment," and "The Outsiders" influenced her teen psyche and introduced her to topics that could not be discussed at home: desire, fear, sexuality, and madness. You can find out more about Ann by going to annhood.us.

About "Morningstar," Alice Hutchinson notes, "I have read and loved this book dearly. Maybe I am just the right age to remember just how books defined certain periods of my life, but this book hit all the right makes for me. Read it, you will remember your own past and the books that resonated then."

Seats are limited, and this special event is expected to fill quickly. Click here to register.

Byrd's Books is located at 126 Greenwood Ave in Bethel. Visit them online here. 


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