November Astronomy at New Pond Farm: Stellar Stories

The Discovery Center at Ridgefield and New Pond Farm Observatory, 101 Marchant Rd., West Redding, are offering a public astronomy program on Saturday, November 17th, at 6:00 PM. At 5:30PM, there will be an optional mini-lesson for participants, especially children, to better understand what they will be viewing. This will take place in the classroom and is included in the price of the program.

Andromeda is to meet an awful fate by the monster Cetus, but is saved by Perseus who flies in on Pegasus.  Mars, and if we are lucky, faint Neptune may be viewed. The ancient story of Andromeda plays out across the heavens tonight, along with the Gods Mars and Neptune. The Moon will be seen in the First Quarter Phase.

Participants should bring a flashlight for the walk to the observatory and dress for the weather.

The program is $4 for Discovery Center members, with a maximum of $16 per family. For nonmembers, the charge is $6, with a maximum of $24 per family. Registration is required and can be done at http://www.ridgefielddiscovery.org/) or by calling 203-438-1063. If the skies appear cloudy, check the website after 4:00 PM for program status.


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