Bethel’s Byrd’s Books Welcomes Authors to October Episodes Of Write America

Bethel’s Byrd’s Books Welcomes Authors to October Episodes Of Write America via Zoom 

Write America, the weekly virtual author series now on Zoom, prides itself on featuring award-winning, nationally-renowned authors, as well as new and emerging artists, in readings and conversations about how books and art might bridge the deep divisions in our nation. The prestigious series, now in its 2nd year, is conceived and curated by author Roger Rosenblatt with online host, Bethel’s Byrd’s Books’ owner Alice Hutchinson. Streamed on Mondays, 7:00pm to 8:00pm, The Write America events are free to the public.

“There may be no more pleasing picture in the world than of a child peering into a book,” says Roger Rosenblatt, “the past and the future entrancing each other.” The authors of Write America urge you to peer into their worlds and perhaps uncover our commonalities amidst our differences, sharing their words as welcomed morsels of thought-provoking positivity.

The October roster for Write America includes:

Monday, October 3 -  Episode 77: Bill Nericcio and Elaine Pagels

Monday, October 10 - Episode 78: Adam Gopnik, Henry Louis Gates, and Claudia Acevedo-Quinones

Monday, October 17 - Episode 79: Edward Zwick, Paul Harding, and Wilma Wolitzer

Monday, October 24 - Episode 80: Lindsay Atkins and Wally Marzano-Lesnevich

Monday, October 31 - Marissa Levien and Suchita Nayar 

Visit https://www.byrdsbooks.com/write-america-reading-our-country for more information. There, you will also find author bios and, whenever possible, signed copies of the writers’ books to purchase in advance. The calendar is likely to adjust a bit, with many events added daily, so if you haven’t already, you are urged to sign up for Byrd’s Books’ online newsletter to stay tuned.

Byrd’s Books is located at 178 Greenwood Avenue, across from the Bethel Public Library. Author discussions and Book Group gatherings are regularly added to Byrd’s Books’ calendar of events at ByrdsBooks.com Hours are Tuesdays through Saturdays 10:00am to 6:00pm and Sundays 12:00 noon to 4:00pm.

For directions to the store or more information, call Byrd’s Books at 203-730-2973. To review the shop’s expanded catalog of new titles, go to ByrdsBooks.com



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