Only Bethel’s Byrd’s Books Could Adopt a Mystery-Themed Cocktail Book To Host at LaZingara

Only Bethel’s Byrd’s Books could adopt a mystery-themed cocktail book to host at Bethel’s LaZingara. On Sunday, October 1st, 4:00pm to 6:30pm, join the independent bookstore’s owner Alice Hutchinson at Bethel’s renowned trattoria, located at 8 P.T. Barnum Square, to celebrate Agatha Christie with a great mystery-themed cocktail book, Agatha Whiskey by Colleen Mullaney. But there’s more…

Your ticket will include a fixed-price special menu, a complimentary cocktail sample tasting upon arrival, a hardcover book for signing, and a donation to Bethel's Democrats. “ Yes, just this once we are mixing politics into an event… but what a combo!”, says Alice.

The ticket will require a two-part registration since Byrd’s Books is including a $20 donation to the local Bethel Democratic Town Committee to help fund their local campaign this year. Like the bookshop, the Committee endeavors to improve its hometown through community engagement.

By going to ByrdsBooks.com, you can register with ByrdsBooks for the bookstore/dinner part of the ticket ($65), but campaign laws preclude the shop from taking a donation for a political party. So, there is a separate link to donate to the Dems, a minimum of $20.

Dame Agatha Christie is perhaps the world’s most famous mystery writer with over a billion copies of her books sold. Agatha Whiskey takes clues from Agatha’s most pivotal works of fiction and honors her most popular detectives. There’s a plot twist for everyone with fifty thrilling drinks such as a pocket full of rosé, orient espresso martini, and daiquiri on the Nile.

Colleen Mullaney, a resident of Westchester, is a well-known lifestyle expert and bestselling author of how-to books covering a range of topics on entertaining, cocktails, floral design, and weddings. Her most recent, Gin Austen, won the International Gourmand Drink Culture Award.

Byrd’s Books is located at 178 Greenwood Avenue, across from the Bethel Public Library. Author discussions and Book Group gatherings are regularly added to Byrd’s Books’ calendar of events at ByrdsBooks.com Hours are Tuesdays to Saturdays 10:00am to 6:00pm, Sunday’s 12:00 noon to 4;00pm, Closed Mondays. For directions to the store or more information, call Byrd’s Books at203-730-2973. To review the shop’s expanded catalog of new titles, go to ByrdsBooks.com


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