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Summer Reading Lists for Schools PAGE
Byrd's Books has your school summer reading lists and the links to the school pages that have posted them. Byrd's Books updates the links daily, check back if you do not see your school listed.

NOTE: if the link does not work, it means the school has not posted the list- just check back in!

Bethel High School: click HERE for the online flyer.

Bethel Honors/AP list: click HERE for the online flyer.

Bethel Middle School Reading list: click HERE.

RMT Johnson School, grades 4 & 5, the same list, click HERE.

Brookfield Schools: HERE.

Danbury High School: HERE.

Immaculate High School, Danbury (not yet live).

Joel Barlow High School, Redding, click HERE.

New Milford High School: HERE.

Newtown High School: click HERE.

Reed Intermediate School, Newtown, click HERE.

Saint Mary School, Bethel (not yet live)

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