Matt Knickerbocker Provides Town of Bethel COVID Update

As part of the ongoing response to the financial disruption many families and businesses are suffering as a result of COVID-19, Governor Lamont recently announced new funding from state and federal sources that are being made available. Much of the funding is targeted towards families who rent their homes and are in danger of eviction. Here are some of the program highlights:

  • $10 million in rental assistance for qualified individuals and families, which may include direct payments to landlords who's tenants have fallen behind because of COVID.
  • $5 million in eviction prevention for renters in the process of eviction.
  • $10 million in mortgage relief for homeowners who have been impacted by COVID and whose mortgages are not federally insured.
  • $4 million in rapid re-housing funds to help people with security deposits and initial rent payments.

The Governor has also extended the moratorium on evictions through August 25th.  These programs are administered through the Connecticut Department of Housing. You can find more information about how to qualify and apply here:   https://portal.ct.gov/doh


Due to an alarming spike in the rate of infections in certain states, and those state's difficulty in controlling this situation, the governors of CT, NY and NJ have issued a travel advisory. Anyone traveling to Connecticut from any state that has an infection rate above 10 percent infection rate over a 7-day average are strongly advised to self-isolate for 14 days. The names of states that meet this criteria will be updated as test numbers are adjusted. Currently, the following 16 states are on the list:  Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Idaho, Louisiana, Mississippi, N. Carolina, S. Carolina, Nevada, Tennessee, Texas and Utah.

This list will be updated as needed and you can find current info here


I know this has been tough. It's summer, people want to get together, have backyard barbecues, go out for dinner with friends, go to the beach, just go back to living again. All those things are possible, but please remember to stay safe. Social distancing guidelines are still in effect and masks are still required when in public.

The fact is, Connecticut and our neighboring states are emerging as the national role models for how to handle this crisis the right way. States that locked down too late and reopened too early are suffering terrible setbacks. So bad, in fact, that the surge in infections is threatening to do more serious harm to the entire US economy than has already happened.

As inconvenient and frustrating as it might be, Connecticut's conservative approach of gradual reopening and maintaining strict mask and social distancing orders is working. Our state is continuing on its path of revitalizing the state's economy, but so far has avoided the severe increases in hospitalizations we see today in other states.

Please keep up the good work. It's worth it, and it's working.


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