Town of Bethel and Bethel Chamber Offer New Community eGift Card

The Bethel Chamber of Commerce and Town of Bethel have joined forces to offer a new Community eGift Card program that can be used at participating Bethel businesses. The new program is well timed for graduation and end-of-school-year gift-giving; it can also be used for customer appreciation, employee rewards, team recognition and, of course, birthdays throughout the year.                                     

Purchasing a Community eGift Card is simple. Just go to DiscoverBethelCT.com and select the recipient and dollar amount. The purchaser pays a small transaction fee.                          

Nearly 25 Bethel businesses have signed up for the program – popular restaurants, retailers and service providers - and the number continues to grow. To see who they are, check the Discover Bethel website. Bethel businesses not currently part of the program may sign up on that same website.                                                                               

How does the Community eGift Card differ from a credit card or other gift cards? Chiefly, there is no plastic to swipe. Instead, the eGiftCard is available electronically. The recipient is notified of the gift by email or text. She can then present a printed copy of the notification to the merchant or show them the email/text on her phone. Also, the card value can be split among participating merchants.                                                                  

“An eGift Card makes a welcome gift for family, friends, and employees, not to mention the new graduate,” said Janice Chrzescijanek, Bethel’s Director of Economic Development. “It is also a great way to give back to our community by supporting participating Bethel merchants.”    

Caption: Along this block on Greenwood Avenue are several participants in the eGft Card program, including Patricia’s Presents, Byrd’s Books, The Toy Room and J. Lawrence.


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