Bethel Board of Education Wins CABE Board of Distinction Award (Again)!

Congratulations to the Bethel BOE on Earning a Leadership Distinction - Again! The Bethel Board of Education has once again won the CABE Board of Distinction Award – Level II.

The CABE Board Recognition Awards are designed to recognize boards that provide effective leadership to their districts through the use of good practices. This program, which acknowledges the importance of school board members and superintendents working together as effective teams, strengthens public education in Connecticut and across the country.

This award recognizes Boards that are truly exemplary. The award will be presented at the 2021 CABE/CAPSS Conference in November 2021. I would like to thank the Board for their hard work and dedication to the families and children of Bethel Public Schools and their tireless commitment and support to fulfilling the mission of the Bethel Public Schools.

Please join me in offering Board members: Melanie O’Brien, Chair, Jennifer Ackerman, Vice-Chair, Nicholas Hoffman, Secretary, Bill Foster, Scott Clayton, Jen Larsen, Courtney Martin, Daniel Nostin, and Cathy Schaefer a heartfelt thank you for the work they do. Congratulations to Amritha Chivukula and Sela Domkofski on being named CAS High Arts Awards recipients.

The 2021 CAS High School Arts Awards will be presented and broadcast on June 13th at 1 PM. On the NFHS Network, and the CAS-CIAC YouTube channel.


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