Bethel residents Renata Abiali and Kang Hou graduate from Wooster School

Wooster School held its Commencement Exercises on Friday, June 8, 2018 to celebrate the graduation of the Class of 2018. These seniors join more than 3,000 alumni who have graduated since Wooster’s founding in 1926.

The ceremony featured a number of speakers, and the awarding of prizes and diplomas. President of the Wooster School Board of Trustees, Leon Weaver offered kind words to Wooster’s soon-to-be graduates. “I bring greetings and warm congratulations, and recognition of all your hard work and success.”

Christopher Pannone, Director of Divisions announced the honorees for, “Crayons to Commencement,” commending students who began their Wooster careers in the Lower School. Prizes were given out for outstanding Senior Independent Study projects, academic achievements, and awards of character, followed by an address by the class orator, Daniel Michael ’18. "We may be graduating, but remember: we are works in progress. So often in life it feels as if everyone around you knows exactly what they want to do and has a five-step plan to do it, " remarked Michael. "My advice to you: Embrace it. Drink it up. Make it your home. We are about to embark on the only 4 years of our lives where new opportunities are basically thrown at you and every person you meet has the potential to change the course of your life. Try new things, take risks, dream big, and use your ~skills and dispositions~ to practice tolerance with ambiguity. Have the courage to find out who you truly are." he added.

Last but not least, before the seniors received their diplomas, Head of School Matt Byrnes spoke to the graduating class. "College is your time to explore and work in many different ways and learn how to listen for the kinds of work that call to you. The kinds of work upon which you might want to build your future life. As you head into the open ocean that is college, learning and listening for the call of your vocations, you need to create nets for catching your days. Create habits and routines. Have a schedule that preserves your time," Byrnes remarked. He added, "You can do it now, while you are young. You can speed your epiphany. Each day will matter. Your present time and how you choose to spend it is where your true leverage will be. So as you leave here, focus on how you live your days, so that they create a life that you will be happy to have lived. A life that will have a shape and contours that you can recognize and celebrate because you were thoughtful and intentional about the habits which resulted in its design."

Congratulations to Bethel residents, part of Wooster School Class of 2018!

Renata Abiali

Renata Abiali, daughter of Renato and Elina Abiali of Bethel, CT, graduated Cum Laude from Wooster School on June 8, 2018.

She was awarded the following prizes from Wooster School: James Hobart Warner Prize (Top 5 Award Announced at Commencement), Josette Enyon Prize for Excellence in Foreign Languages, and Edward W. Robinson '37 Award.

Renata will be attending Quinnipiac University.

Kang (Kevin) Hou

Kang Hou, son of Yimin Hou and Yuhong Huang of Shenzhen, Guangdong, China and host parent Quoc Bui of Bethel, CT, graduated from Wooster School on June 8, 2018.

Kevin will be attending The University of Texas, Austin.


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