Gymnasts of Kratos Gymnastics Medal at 2019 Nutmeg State Games

Gymnasts of Kratos Gymnastics, Bethel, CT, displayed their dominance at the 2019 Nutmeg State Games held on July 13th, 2019 at New Britain High School, New Britain, CT.

The Nutmeg State Games is the largest amateur multi-sporting event in Connecticut and is like a miniature Olympic Games for the state.  In 2019, the Nutmeg State Games is celebrating its 31st Anniversary of uniting Connecticut’s residents in the common bond of amateur sport and Olympic spirit. This year, 7,500+ athletes ages 6 to 18 will compete in twenty-two different sport offerings. Ten gymnasts represented Kratos in this “off season” competition; nine out of ten medaled, 6 taking home Gold on a specific apparatus, 5 were prestigiously awarded All-Around Champion, and all helped add to the Gold medal earned by the “West” in the team award. Gymnasts from Kratos ranged in age from as young as 7 to as old as 13, competing in the levels of JO Level 3, Xcel Bronze, and Xcel Silver. 

Results in various age groups... 

Xcel Bronze Competitors 

Stella Moody: 7yr Danbury, CT

Ryleighann Montes: 8yr New Milford, CT

Zoe King: 10yr Bethel, CT

Caitlin Riina: 10yr New Fairfield, CT

Olivia Czupkowski: 12yr Danbury, CT

Xcel Bronze Results:

VAULT: Caitlin Riina & Olivia Czupkowski 3rd,  Ryleighann Montes 2nd, Zoe King 1st 

BARS: Stella Moody & Zoe King 2nd, Olivia Czupkowski 1st  

BEAM: Caitlin Riina, Olivia Czupkowski, Ryleighann Montes & Stella Moody 2nd,  Zoe King 1st

FLOOR: Ryleighann Montes, Stella Moody, & Zoe King 3rd\Olivia Czupkowski 1st
AA: Ryleighann Montes 3rd, Stella Moody 2nd, Olivia Czupkowski & Zoe King 1st

Xcel Silver Competitors
Bianca Sousa: 10yr Danbury, CT
Lilli Nelson: 10yr New Fairfield, CT
Alexandria Nelson: 13yr New Fairfield, CT

Xcel Silver Results
VAULT: Lilli Nelson 3rd, Bianca Sousa 2nd, & Alexandria Nelson 1st
BARS: Alexandria Nelson & Bianca Sousa 1st
BEAM: Alexandria Nelson 3rd, Bianca Sousa 2nd & Lilli Nelson 1st
FLOOR: Bianca Sousa 2nd, Alexandria & Lilli Nelson 1st
AA: Lilli Nelson 2nd, Alexandria Nelson & Bianca Sousa 1st

Level 3 Competitors
Alyssa Cole: 7yr Danbury, CT
Katelyn Fiorito: 7yr New Preston, CT

Level 3 Results
Katelyn Fiorito: VAULT 3rd BARS: 2nd BEAM: 1st FLOOR: 1st AA: 1st
Alyssa Cole displayed a strong and much improved performance appearing elegant and strong!


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