True or False? RVNA has an onsite Rehabilitation & Wellness Center

True! Check it out on RVNA’s lower level the next time you pass by 27 Governor Street.

Not only does RVNA offer the ‘regulars’ -- physical, occupational and speech therapy -- they also offer strength and conditioning, personal training, massage, reiki and ongoing wellness aftercare programs.  In fact, on Tuesday, August 6, members of the Ridgefield Running Company’s marathon- and half-marathon training programs joined RVNA for a hill workout on Governor Street followed by a workshop on injury prevention and detection.   

Says Gigi Weiss, MSPT, Director of Rehabilitation Services at RVNA and an avowed twice-yearly runner (Run Like a Mother and Turkey Trot), “While we are in the business of helping individuals and athletes recover from injuries, our preference is to help prevent them in the first place or nip them in the bud before they get worse or chronic. This can be tricky with runners who are often reluctant to take days off.”   

Sound familiar? During Tuesday’s program, runners gained insights into how to ease into running, what good running form looks like and conditions that runners are susceptible to - sometimes due to poorly-fitted footwear! A distinctly solve-able problem.

To learn more about RVNA Rehabilitation Services -- or address that nagging injury of yours -- visit ridgefieldvna.org or call 203-438-5555.


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