Martial Arts World Champions from Bethel

Bethel graduate, Gabrielle Dunn along with her brother Jared Dunn, have been living a life of dedication to the martial arts and are now rated number one World for traditional Kata. They are both instructors at their parent’s facility, Connecticut Martial Arts, located at 67 Newtown Rd. in Danbury.

Gabrielle and Jared have both been training their whole life, and it is no wonder they are both making a mark worldwide. Gabrielle is currently in Austria competing for another world title. She was asked to perform for the US Navy troops in Pearl Harbor and Guam. In addition, she is the captain of Team AKA, one of the most prestigious teams in the United States, with team members from all states, and members in Canada as well. Jared is also a member of this team and just won Grand Champion at the Pan American International games, held in Miami.

Their passion and purpose do not end with themselves, they are incredible instructors, taking their students to the next level. Gabrielle skypes her students from all over the US on a weekly basis. She has quite a few nationally rated students training under her auspices. Jared teaches 6 classes per day at Connecticut Martial Arts, (CMA), he is 100% committed to helping local residents achieve their goals. CMA has a personal best philosophy, helping children and adults of all ages, sizes, and backgrounds.

For more information, you can call (203 )792-1544. Ctmartialarts.com


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