Danbury Airport lot will house two refrigerated trailers as overflow for hospital morgue

After locals inquired about activity outside of Danbury Airport, Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton reported that the City of Danbury, in collaboration with Danbury Hospital, is using a lot on the airport to house two refrigerated trailers to serve as an overflow for the Danbury Hospital morgue. "Right now there are no deceased individuals at the airport," he said.

According to Boughton, the overflow demand is due to a slower than normal processing of all deceased in the City. "Because of the pandemic, there are new requirements for funeral homes to follow to protect their staff. So it takes longer for planning and conducting of memorials and funerals - regardless of the cause of death," he said.

Will the overflow morgue ever house people who have died of COVID-19? Boughton says, "Possibly. But right now the Hospital morgue just needs extra space."


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