Matt Knickerbocker: Keep Up the Good Work Bethel - It's Working!

Bethel Community Update Friday, July 10, 2020

Our community has done a very good job of navigating the last five months of disruption, uncertainty, fear, challenges and changes brought on by the COVID-19 virus. You have taken good care of yourselves, your families and your community. Many of you have organized or participated in food drives, raised money to help families out of work and volunteered your time to help. These are the things that make this community so special.

Connecticut and our Northeastern neighbors are now tops in the nation in controlling the virus. Even though our economy is now 97% open, we are keeping the virus under control, and it is increasingly evident this is because we have been diligent about wearing masks in public.

Wearing a mask reduces your risk of contracting the virus by 70%. It helps protect you and those around you. Wearing your mask in public also tells everyone that you care about your community and you want your neighbors to be safe.

Wearing your mask in public also helps our local businesses. I know from my conversations with  Bethel residents that when people walk into a store and see other customers without masks, they often turn right around and leave. That hurts that store owner's chances of getting through this crisis.

So I am asking my Bethel neighbors to keep up the good work and always wear your mask when you're out, because it's working. It is the most important thing we can do to keep our community safe and allow our businesses recover and rebuild.



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