6 Bethel Roads Cleared, Six Remain Closed, Report of Wires Re-energized, Charging Stations and Showers

Bethel Storm Recovery Update - Saturday, August 8

Eversource was finally able to dispatch one tree crew and one line crew to work with our highway team late yesterday afternoon clearing trees and wires from roads. They were successful in clearing and making safe the following roads:

  • Rte 302
  • Rte 58 (Putnam Park Road)
  • Nashville
  • Mountain Orchard
  • Dittmar
  • Long Meadow Lane

The following roads remain closed and should be avoided:

  • Hoyt's Hill (at Rte 58)
  • Wolfpits
  • Weed
  • Walnut Hill at Quaker
  • Wine Sap at Pound Sweet Hill
  • Hawleyville at McNeil

Eversource has informed us that they will not be able to supply more crews until Saturday afternoon. Our highway teams will be ready to work with them as soon as they arrive.


We have received unconfirmed reports of downed wires in our area being re-energized by mistake. This can be caused by an improperly configured home generator. Even if it is not in your neighborhood, an energized line caused by a generator back feed can kill you.

As a reminder, please do not touch any wires downed trees with wires in them. Do not attempt to clear any trees with wires in them. Do not drive around or through barricades where downed wires are present.

All of us are very aware of how frustrating it is to still be dealing with closed roads at this stage of the recovery. We are working daily and hourly with Eversource as well as state officials to obtain the resources we need to get these areas cleared. We all understand how tempting it might be to simply grab a chain saw and take matters into your own hands. But please, do not put your own life in danger!


Charing stations at town hall:             9am - 6pm Saturday and Sunday

Showers at Bethel Middle School:     6am - noon Saturday and Sunday.

Please stay safe everyone.



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