Bethel Public Schools Teacher of the Year is Tom Fox!

District Teacher of the Year - Tom Fox

Our District Teacher of the Year not only is an exceptional teacher leader holding high standards for all students, but our District Teacher of the Year also knows the power of fostering strong, professional relationships with colleagues and with students.

There is a kindness and authenticity that you will always find when around our District Teacher of the Year. Our District Teacher of the Year deeply cares and wants to make the Bethel Public Schools an even better place than it is now. Being a continuous learner, our District Teacher of the Year is involved in numerous building and district committees working to expand on our work in Bethel, always leading with determination, collaboration, and humility.

There are countless ways our District Teacher of the Year engages our students in learning science because of his passion and expertise for the subject. Students want to be in his classroom because he believes in them, has high expectations for them, and will support them throughout the process …He’s a rock star in and out of the classroom. We are thrilled to announce Mr. Tom Fox as our very first Bethel Public School’s Teacher of the Year!

Sara Mass Memorial Award - Cheryl Hallock

Honoring a person who has made a substantial positive difference in the course of the educational process for residents of Bethel - either through one noteworthy action or by the cumulative effect of many actions over a period of time.

Years of Service Recipients

Where does the time go? The Board of Education is delighted to congratulate and recognize our teachers and staff members who have been dedicated to serving the Bethel community for TEN, TWENTY, and THIRTY years.


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