Bethel Public Schools Learning Model Status Update

Bethel Public Schools Learning Model Status 

As previously communicated, Bethel Public Schools will be revising our learning models as follows:

  • BS/RS/COF Full, In-person - January 11th
  • JS Hybrid, January 11th-15th

Full In-Person, Tuesday, January 19th (Monday is MLK holiday)

  • BMS Hybrid, January 11th

Consider Full In-Person on February 1st to be confirmed by Wednesday, January 27th

  • BHS Hybrid, January 11th

Add Wednesday (alternating Cohort A and B) week of February 1st

Please note, we are constantly evaluating the data and our ability to implement mitigation strategies. Although these are our current plans, they may be adjusted due to any changes in data. The success of keeping our schools open will be a community effort. The following actions are critically important:

• Wear a mask, wash your hands, and maintain social distancing at all times.
• Monitor your child’s health. If your child, or anyone in your immediate household, has any symptoms of COVID-19, stay at home and contact your medical provider.
• If someone in your household is symptomatic and being tested for COVID-19, keep all of your family members home UNTIL you get the test result.
• If your child is being tested for COVID-19 or has been asked to quarantine by the Health Department, keep your child home and contact your school nurse.
• If anyone in the household tests positive for COVID -19, keep your child home and contact your child’s school nurse.
• Do NOT send your child to school with any medications to mask symptoms.

If you attended ANY social gathering over the holiday that violates CDC guidance, we are requesting that you quarantine your children for ten (10) days from the date of the gathering and closely monitor symptoms for four (4) days.

• Follow the travel advisory. If you traveled to any state on the advisory list, contact your school nurse to find out what is required to return to school.

• Consult your medical provider and get tested if you have any COVID-19 symptoms.
• Avoid ALL social gatherings.


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