Bethel Public Schools Learning Model Update

Bethel Public Schools Learning Model Status Update - January 21

BS/RS/COF - Full, In-person

JS - Full In-Person

BMS - Hybrid

Consider Full In-Person on February 1st to be confirmed by Wednesday, January 27th

BHS - Hybrid

Add Wednesday (alternating Cohort A and B) week of February 1st

Please note, we are constantly evaluating the data and our ability to implement mitigation strategies. Although these are our current plans, they may be adjusted due to any changes in data.

Parents can always make the decision to place your child on Distance Learning. All you need to do is contact your school principal.

Reminder, we have updated our database to reflect all school associated positive cases, whether or not they resulted in an exposure. Thank you, again, for all of your efforts and support as a community.


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