Town of Bethel COVID Vaccine Update

Due to the high volume of phone calls to Town Hall, I want to take a minute to review the procedures for getting pre-registered for the COVID vaccine.

To review, there are currently two ways to obtain the vaccine: one is through the federal VAMS program in which you register and are then referred an authorized clinic somewhere in Connecticut. VAMS is currently accepting people aged 75+ and some have already secured appointments to get their shot. You can access the VAMS portal by clicking here.

The second way to register is through the Town of Bethel's own clinic, which will begin operating next week. This is separate from the VAMS program. Currently, the Bethel clinic is accepting pre-registrations for residents 65 and up; however, those in the 75+ age group will receive the first call-backs for appointments. You can access the Bethel registration page on the town website by clicking here: https://www.bethel-ct.gov/  Click on the red COVID 19 Vaccination Info at the top of the page to access the registration form.

For all residents in the 75+ age group, we recommend that you register with BOTH the Town and VAMS, and accept the first appointment that's offered.

Please be advised: the supply of vaccines is very limited at the present time. Those who have already pre-registered at the upcoming Bethel clinic will be contacted to set up an appointment as soon as the vaccine arrives.

We appreciate your patience, and want to assure you that you will receive a call just as soon as the supply of vaccines allows.

You can find more vaccine information on the town website by clicking here: https://www.bethel-ct.gov/qcontent/NewsFeed.aspx?FeedID=832


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