Kratos Gymnasts from Connecticut Shine a Light on Gymnastics

Due to Connecticut covid restrictions, gymnasts in Connecticut are barred from leaving the state to compete, and from competing in an interstate, or multi-team event as they normally would but that did not stop the gymnasts of Kratos Gymnastics from competing in extraordinary fashion in person. 

On Sunday, February 21, 2021, Kratos Gymnastics swayed from their original competitive plans and safely held an “intrasquad” competition within their own facility in Bethel, Connecticut. 

Gymnasts ranging in age from 5 years old to 21 years old competed in Women’s Development levels 2,4, & 5 as well as Xcel levels Bronze & Silver. 

Out of the 25 competitors, 10 gymnasts earned a place amongst America’s Top 100 scoring gymnasts in addition to the Xcel Silver group ranking 6th as a group All-Around.

Notably, 8-year-old level 5 gymnast Lydia Hodge became the ONLY gymnast from Connecticut’s Women’s Developmental Program to rank in America’s Top 100 for both floor exercise and All-Around. 

The top three gymnasts in each division received placement awards as follows:

Xcel Bronze: 

Vault: 3rd place Anabela Silva (New Fairfield, CT), 2nd place Norah Michaels (Newtown, CT), 1st place Ziva Mathivanan (Bethel, CT)

Bars: 3rd place Norah Michaels, 2nd place Julianna Indiviglio (Newtown, CT), 1st place Anika Ericson (Bethel, CT)

Beam: 3rd place Anabela Silva, 2nd place Julianna Indiviglio, 1st place Ziva Mathivanan

Floor: 3rd place Rhayane Delima (Danbury, CT), 2nd place Anabela Silva, 1st place Julianna Indiviglio

All-Around: 3rd place Anabela Silva, 2nd place Julianna Indiviglio, 1st place Ziva Mathivanan

Xcel Silver:

Junior Division: 

Vault: 3rd place: Lucia Holmberg (Brookfield, CT), 2nd place Addison Delaney (Brookfield, CT), 1st place Logan King (Bethel, CT)

Bars: 3rd place Genesis Valerio (Danbury, CT), 2nd place Logan King, 1st place Addison Delaney

Beam: 3rd place Genesis Valerio, 2nd place Addison Delaney, 1st place Lucia Holmberg

Floor: 3rd place Logan King, 2nd place Madison Thibodeau (Danbury, CT), 1st place Addison Delaney

All-Around: 3rd place Logan King, 2nd place Lucia Holmberg, 1st place Addison Delaney 

Senior Division: 

Vault: 3rd place Zoe King (Bethel, CT) 2nd place Sarah Rodin (Monsey, NY), 1st place Alexia Suter (Ridgefield, CT)

Bars: 3rd place Alexia Suter, 2nd place Lilli Nelson (New Fairfield, CT), 1st place Sarah Rodin

Beam: 3rd place Lilli Nelson, 2nd place Sara Rodin, 1st place Alexandria Nelson (New Fairfield, CT)

Floor: 3rd place Caitlin Riina (New Fairfield, CT), 2nd place Lilli Nelson, 1st place Alexia Suter

All-Around: 3rd place Lilli Nelson, 2nd place Alexia Suter, 1st place Sarah Rodin

Level 2

Vault: 3rd place Ava Sweeney (Danbury, CT), 2nd place Sophia Thompson (Westport, CT), 1st place Bradey Hodge (Danbury, CT)

Bars: 3rd place Sophia Thompson, 2nd place Ava Sweeney, 1st place Bradey Hodge

Beam: 3rd place Ava Sweeney, 2nd place Sophia Thompson, 1st place Bradey Hodge

Floor: 3rd place Ava Sweeney, 2nd place Sophia Thompson, 1st place Bradey Hodge

All-Around: 3rd place Ava Sweeney, 2nd place Sophia Thompson, 1st place Bradey Hodge

Level 4:

Vault, Bars, Beam, Floor, & All-Around: 2nd place Brooklynn Swartz (New Milford, CT), 1st place Marina Perreault (Wilton, CT)

Level 5:

Sole competitor ranking amongst America’s Top 100 Lydia Hodge (Danbury, CT)

The competition was generously sponsored by two Connecticut-based small businesses as well as one USA based company.

-The Cue: Danbury, CT; Generously donated meals for both judges & coaches

-Kolami Floral: Waterbury, CT: Generously donated floral arrangements for each all-around champion (1st-3rd place)

-Luv Ur Skin: USA: Generously donated goodie bags for each gymnast who participated filled with glow-in-the-dark nail polish & body wash.

Gymnasts also worked hard to perform their best in the name of a great cause, helping other gymnasts who are in financial need of assistance to fund their competitive dreams. Each gymnast collected online pledges for flat rate donations or for each score of a 9.0 or higher they attained and 100% of the funds were donated to the “Power of A Dream Foundation” a Connecticut-based non-profit which supports competitive gymnasts in need of financial assistance.  

Together the participating gymnasts raised $940.