Bethel Police Announce Officer of the Year, Congratulations Officer Gregory Ammon!

The Bethel Police Department is both proud and excited to present our 2020 Officer of the Year, Officer Gregory Ammon. Unfortunately, our Department's ability to celebrate his success has been limited due to COVID-19.
Officer Ammon transferred to the Bethel Police Department in 2018, from the New Haven Police Department. Upon his completion of Field Training, hit the ground running. Officer Ammon has been able to use his past training and experience from the City of New Haven and apply it to his daily patrol activities within the Town of Bethel.
Though he has spent most of his career on our midnight shift, which historically was looked at as quiet or uneventful, this could not be further from the truth. Officer Ammon has been actively patrolling the town and has made numerous arrests while suspects are actively burglarizing motor vehicles; a crime that could easily go unsolved. Officer Ammon’s continuous proactive patrol tactics have led to information that has solved crime sprees that span all of Fairfield County and, oftentimes, other areas of the State of Connecticut.
Not only has Officer Ammon set himself apart by his attention to detail and investigative strengths, he also has an extremely positive and infectious personality. His continued success with his investigations has afforded him the opportunity to become one of Bethel Police’s best Field Training Officers. Being a great police officer is a huge accomplishment, but it is a whole other level of excellence when you are able to harness those abilities and teach young recruits how to stay safe and to handle the stress of becoming a police officer.
Officer Ammon’s work continues to benefit the community, as he continues to apply his sharp skillset to keep our citizens safe. The Bethel Police Department is proud to have Officer Ammon among our ranks of fine officers, and wish him continued success! Congratulations Officer Ammon.
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