Bethel High School students head to ACT of Connecticut for RENT followed by talkback with Artistic Director Daniel C. Levine

ACT of Connecticut just wrapped up their season with RENT - a grand finale indeed! Bethel High School students got up close and personal with the cast and talented power team behind the iconic production.

"We were so excited to be joined at RENT last week by a group of students from Bethel High School! They attended the show followed by a talkback with Artistic Director Daniel C. Levine, Producing Director R. Erin Craig, and Dennis J. Arcano, Music Contractor/House Drummer and Bethel Public School music teacher!"
To learn more about ACT of Connecticut and to find out what's on stage for 2022-2023 season, click HERE.
To view additional photos, visit ACT of Connecticut on social media here.


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