Bethel CT Hair Replacement Expert Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

For over thirty years, Marsha Scott, owner of Hair Loss Clinic for Women in Bethel, has dedicated her career to developing solutions and techniques in the hair restoration industry.

Scott, who started in the trade because of her own issues with brittle and thinning hair as a result of diabetes, recognized how common but distressing hair loss for women could be. Her longevity and dedication to the industry recently earned Scott the American Hair Loss Council’s 2022 Lifetime Achievement Award.

Scott served twice as president of the Council and held every office and committee position over the past thirty five years and started their first annual symposium. She continues today as a Council board member and proudly devotes her time to the education and awareness of alternative hair options specifically for women with thinning hair.

According to the AHLC, “Marsha has a superb reputation for going to any length to find solutions to her clients’ particular needs. In her term serving as president of the AHLC, Marsha spent hours researching and networking to find answers for those seeking her help, at her own expense.”

Hair Replacement Systems for Women

Extensive hair loss in women can be caused by or the result of many things. Medical conditions like alopecia or side effects from medications or chemotherapy can cause hair loss in women. According to the American Academy of Dermatology forty percent of women have visible hair loss by the time they are age 40. While men have a plethora of solutions for hair loss, women have fewer options plus a stigma around female baldness.

But solutions are available. Scott’s Hair Loss Clinic for Women helps women look and feel better through the latest technologies and techniques in the hair restoration industry.

“Our non-surgical hair replacements are made of real human hair and attach to the scalp in a semi-permanent fashion,” says Marsha Scott. “Previous hair systems for women were temporary and looked unnatural but our techniques supplement a woman’s own hair and blend in to look stylish and real.”

According to Patty Andrews, a client of the Hair Loss Clinic for Women, “I had tried everything from Rogaine to vitamins to scalp treatments. But nothing helps once the follicle dies. Coming to the Clinic for customized hair replacement was a life-changing experience for me.”

Scott is credited in the industry with creating the ‘MScott method’, a technique that uses a medical-grade adhesive to hold a hair system securely to a woman’s head. The system needs to be serviced every six to eight weeks and women can wash, dry and style it as if it were their own hair.

For more information about hair enhancements for women, visit hlcfw.com.

About Hair Loss Clinic for Women

The Hair Loss Clinic for Women, located in Bethel, CT was founded in 1987 by Marsha Scott, and provides its clients with safe, non-surgical, medically approved, hair replacement systems, designed specifically to their needs and style, and within an atmosphere of complete privacy. For more information call 203.792.1800 or visit hlcfw.com.


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