Bethel Public Schools Awards Staff for Excellence

Bethel Public Schools Superintendent, Christine Carver announces District honorees!

Carver wrote in today's newsletter, "Our staff awards highlight excellence in our field, our dedication to improving teaching and learning, celebrating the excellent programs we provide our students, strong leadership within our Board of Education, and recognizing individuals who contribute to our system in extraordinary ways."

Pillar of the Year

Bethel High School – Sheila Levine, Substance Abuse Counselor

Bethel Middle School – Pamela Fontaine, Paraeducator

Ralph M.T. Johnson School - Shay Anastasakis, Paraeducator

Frank A. Berry School – Kathleen Darrah, Paraeducator

Anna H. Rockwell School – Bridget Chin, Building Substitute

Bethel Public Schools – Linda Westlake, Paraeducator

Rookie Teachers of the Year

Bethel High School – Megan Richardson, Special Education Teacher

Bethel Middle School – Elaine Godfrey, School Counselor

Ralph M.T. Johnson School - Chelsea Rossomando, Grade 3 Teacher

Frank A. Berry School – Brittany Shea, Grade 1 Teacher

Anna H. Rockwell School – Kailby Schommer, Elementary Teacher

Teacher of the Year

Bethel High School – Kateri Kenney, Biology Teacher

Bethel Middle School – Kristen Faucher, World Language Teacher

Ralph M.T. Johnson School - Diana Bernardo, EL Teacher

Frank A. Berry School - Danielle Troiano, Elementary Teacher

Anna H. Rockwell School – Anthony Liberati, Elementary Teacher

Friends of Bethel Award

Lucy Houghton, Director of Care Ministries, Walnut Hill Community Church

Lance Sven, Lead Youth Pastor, Walnut Hill Community Church


Jessenia Beamonte, School Resource Officer, Ralph M. T. Johnson School & Anna H. Rockwell School

Jason Broad, School Resource Officer, Bethel High School & Frank A. Berry School

Amelia Fekieta, School Resource Officer, Bethel Middle School

Educational Service Awards

10 Years of Service

Ann Belardinelli, Andrea Callahan, Corinne Caridi, Tracy Cassavechia, Katherine Coffey, Sandra Correira, Lauren D’Andrea, Susan DeCarlo, Christofer Demuth, Maura Dundie, Leah Esposito, Kristen Faucher, Alison Ghio, Rachel Gross, Laura Massey, Crystal Morgan, Christopher Neville, Diana Oliveira, Micki Paradise, Kyle Sarrazin, Trisha Soucy, Melissa Spaziani, Shellie Zancan

20 Years of Service

Cindy Hayes, Cindy Keane, Kari Leonard, Rosanne Licari, Patricia Moriarty, Silvia Nedelcov,

Kirsten Nielsen, Stephen Schrader

30 Years of Service

Carol Ann Oberacker


Linda Anderson, Barbara Barese Daryl Bartkus, Barbara Denninger, Mary Fox, Suzanne Galante, Susan Lynch, Gino Natalino, Kathi Rainville, Donna Savelle, Debbie Sutton, Amy Weed

Creativity, Innovation, & Excellence in Education

Christine Manalo, Bethel High School

Kristen Ricciardone, Bethel High School

Rick Baumer, Bethel High School

Robert Flynn, Bethel Middle School

Keith Marotta, Bethel Middle School

Kristen Faucher, Bethel Middle School

Nancy Seri, Bethel Middle School

Nicole Ducsay, Bethel Middle School

Lauren D'Andrea, Bethel Middle School

Jeff Moscowitz, Ralph M. T. Johnson School

Melissa Dube, Ralph M. T. Johnson School

Heather Barr, Ralph M. T. Johnson School

Shelby Land, Frank A. Berry School

Danielle Troiano, Frank A. Berry School

Kerry Collins, Anna H. Rockwell School

Bethel Education Foundation's Janice Jordan Excellence in Education Award

Kerry Collins, Elementary Recipient

Kit Neilsen, Secondary Recipient

Jess McGlinchey, Elementary Recipient, 2022


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