Filosa Welcomes Its 5th Administrator Since 1947

The Filosa Family is proud to welcome our new administrator, Stephanie Vitko-Aniolek. Stephanie joins the Filosa Family as our 5th Administrator since 1947, demonstrating Filosa’s dedication to stability and consistency of leadership. Stephanie is excited to be a part of this family-owned and operated facility and deeply respects the rich history of Filosa.  

Stephanie comes to us with over a decade of professional experience as an Administrator. Since 2009, she has played a part in the successes of various skilled nursing facilities. Stephanie looks forward to utilizing her plethora of experience to help Filosa uphold their high level of care and dedication to the community. In addition, she is excited to maintain a 5 star Medicare rating at Filosa for years to come. 

We have the utmost confidence, respect, and gratitude for Stephanie’s willingness and enthusiasm to continue her administrative journey at Filosa. We welcome her with warm, loving arms, as we do with every team member and resident that works and lives at Filosa. As our 5th administrator since 1947, we hope Stephanie feels as at home with us as we will with her. 

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