Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton Reacts to Malloy's Budget Proposal

Today, Governor Daniel Malloy unveiled a budget plan that is nothing more than the same old failed policies that have pushed Connecticut to the brink of fiscal collapse. This budget does nothing to help grow our economy and put the hard working men and women of Connecticut back to work. It does nothing to repeal the hundreds of rules and regulations that stifle the entrepreneurial spirit of our state. Finally, it does nothing to address the cost of state employee benefits, which have become unaffordable. Without these meaningful changes, Connecticut cannot begin to pull ourselves out of its death spiral.

As the Mayor of Danbury, I’ve had great success in establishing a business-friendly environment. By lowering taxes and doing away with overregulation, we’ve created jobs and put people back to work. Danbury has championed a 3.2% unemployment rate, while the rest of Connecticut lags behind at 6.3%.

That's why Danbury was recently rated as the best city to start a business in Connecticut.

I believe Danbury’s success can be the model for Connecticut’s future. I hope you will stand with me and invest in Connecticut by contributing $100 to the Connecticut Comeback Committee. With your support, I am confident we can put our state, and our home, back on track.

Together, we can be Connecticut’s comeback.


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