Results of Today's Vote Recount in Bethel

Today, Tuesday, November 14, Bethel Registrar of Voters held a re-Canvass (recount) of the ballots cast at the November 7 Municipal Election in Bethel. This was due to a close vote as defined by statute, for the Offices of:

Board of Finance (2 Year Seat to Fill Vacancy) and Board of Education (to fill 4 seats). 

As per Nancy Ryan, Registrar of Voters, the results of today's re-canvass are as follows:

Board of Finance — 2- Year Seat to Fill a Vacancy 

Stephan    2258      win         

Slifkin        2250 

Board of Education to fill four (4) seats

Bocchiere     2000                  

Larsen          2359      win 

Schaefer       2134         

Ackerman     2492      win  

O'Brien          2421     win      

Hoffman        2215      win         

Foster            2203            

Pulle             1905  


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