Bethel Op-Ed: Make Connecticut Affordable

We choose to live in Connecticut for a host of reasons. For many, it is the opportunity to put their children in good schools in a good community.  For others, they may fall in love with the character of a community and it becomes home.  There are many who grew up here and hope their own kids have the chance to stay in this amazing state.  Unfortunately, this is becoming less and less possible for many. 

As we enter a new decade, Connecticut is plagued by the same problem – it continues to be less affordable to live here.  We hear stories every day of people who struggle to stay in Connecticut and, of those who cannot afford to leave if they wanted to because their home is under water.  With the recovery from Covid-19 ahead, it will be even harder to get our fiscal house in order.

After years of spending above the national average, recent budgets are reaching the constitutional spending cap and the legislature still manages to find a gimmick or two to give them a little room to spend more instead of living within our means.  Meanwhile, tax revenue is diverted away from what matters most, like transportation projects, and municipalities end up with more expenses mandated by the state.  In the end we are left with higher taxes on the middle class and higher property taxes on everybody.

Today there is a growing group of legislators in Hartford who are doubling down on the same policies that have held us back from the economic recovery that we deserve.  Their solution to our crisis is more taxes disguised as tolls and fees and promises of property tax reform that have not been kept.  What’s worse, is when good ideas are brought up by the legislative minority that could actually improve policies, like family leave, their ideas are ignored.  Basically, since the legislative minority votes are not needed, good ideas are left on the cutting room floor.  Let’s make those votes matter again and leave the partisan politics to Washington.

If I am chosen to return to the legislature, I will work with all stakeholders for the economic security of Connecticut residents by supporting policies that prioritize state spending and actually make Connecticut an affordable place to work and live, and I will not support pushing more expenses down on municipalities.  I will also push for income and property tax reform that makes sense and is not based on political agendas.  If we work together, we can improve our infrastructure, protect our environment, improve our schools and achieve goals for public health and safety without breaking the bank.

Please support my efforts to make Connecticut affordable with your vote next Tuesday.

Dan Carter

2020 candidate for Connecticut State Representative

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