Bethel Annual Town Meeting on April 4 Regarding Proposed BOE, Town, Capital Budgets

In her most recent newsletter, Bethel Public Schools Superintendent Christine Carver updated the school community on the school budget saying, "The Board of Finance met on Thursday evening (March 25th) and voted to move the school budget (4.43% increase over last year’s budget) to the Annual Town Meeting."

In addition to the proposed school budget, the proposed town and capital budget will also go to an Annual Town Meeting.

The town meeting is for registered Bethel voters.

Carver explains, "At this meeting, the registered body of Bethel voters vote to move the budget to a referendum or voting. By charter, any resident from the floor can make a recommendation from the floor to reduce any aspect of the budget, and the voters present vote on the motion. There are three votes at this meeting, the town budget, the school budget, and if applicable any capital budget items."

This year’s Annual Town Meeting is on Monday, April 4, 2022, at 7:00 PM in the Bethel Middle School Auditorium.

Prior to the budget being set for the referendum, 2022-2023 Education Budget Information can be found on our website’s District Dashboard under the Financial Dashboard. 2022-2023 Education Budget Information


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