Newtown Police Arrest Bethel Resident for Indecent Exposure, Possession of Marijuana

**Crime Alert**

Last week the Newtown Police Department received a complaint of a male sitting in his parked car in the Sand Hill Shopping Plaza masturbating with his penis exposed as a female customer walked by.

Police began an investigation and conducted surveillance in the plaza parking lot utilizing a female officer as a decoy. This afternoon at about 12:00 pm Adrian Sime, age 27, of Bethel, CT was observed by police masturbating in his vehicle with his penis exposed, in the front driver’s seat of his 2018 Honda Accord.

Sime was then taken into custody by detectives without further incident.

Sime was charged with indecent exposure and possession of marijuana. Sime was released after being processed with a court date of August 13th in Danbury Court.

Police expect additional charges to be filed against Sime in the very near future related to the previous incident.

"It’s pretty sick and disgusting that this individual felt he could victimize innocent women who were minding their business shopping and have to be confronted by this behavior"

“When Sime was told he was going to be arrested he said he could do what he wants in his own car, but was quickly informed not when your car is in the public view. Sime promised the arresting officers he would not do it again now that he knows"

Lt. Aaron Bahamonde