Chatting up with Putnam County Wine & Food Fest returning Vendor, Freefall Sangria

In 2011, when Christine Kelley (aka CK) began running the cafe at Skydive the Ranch in Gardiner, NY, became a bustling speakeasy at night. Amidst raucous laughter, music and dancing, CK brewed up large batches of her sangria for guests to enjoy after hours, only to have it disappear within minutes. She couldn’t make it fast enough, and skydivers couldn’t get enough of it. So, Christine Kelley and Tom Falzone created Freefall Sangria and have shared cases and cases at events throughout the US. Tom, recognizing the increasing demand, was encouraged to expand the operation. So, they made the leap. Tom and CK purchased a large property, taking production from the basement of their old farmhouse to the base of the Shawangunk Mountains. They serve the chilled elixir with a playful warning: sip it slow and sip it long; just know it will jump up and bite you if you aren’t careful.

What do you specialize in?
Sangria, baby! We pride ourselves in creating a not-so-sweet, bottled sangria that tastes like it is homemade.
Tell us about making a great bottle of sangria?
Sangria in small batch and each batch is quality controlled to ensure that only wholesome goodness makes it to the lips of our customers.
What would you hope people say about your sangria?
That it is the best sangria they ever tasted.
What would you suggest people pair with your sangria?
Do you have any fun facts?
Owners of the sangria are skydivers (ergo, "Freefall") and the product was basically born at the skydiving center where we jump - we served all our jump buddies our sangria after a day of jumping.

Date: August 10-11, 2019
Times: Saturday, 11am to 6pm & Sunday, 11am-5pm
Place: Mayor's Park, 61 Fair Street, Cold Spring, NY
Ticket Price:
Designated Driver: $10.00
Tasting Tickets: $20/Advance, $30/Gate

For more information and to download all applications, go to:

Submitted by Brewster, NY

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