A statement from Assemblyman Matt Slater (R,C-Yorktown)

With the expiration of Title 42 on Thursday, our nation is bracing for the anticipated arrival of more than 80,000 Central American migrants at our southern border. In New York, Governor Hochul’s Executive Order declaring a disaster emergency relating to this impending crisis confirms our fear that the state’s decision to provide health care, tuition assistance, housing, drivers licenses and other benefits to illegal immigrants will act as a magnet pulling them to our state.

During state budget negotiations, the Democrats provided New York City with $1 billion in taxpayer money for expenses associated with the migrant crisis, even though this was a problem created by City Hall and the New York City Council when they designated New York a sanctuary city. Now, it is the height of hypocrisy for Mayor Adams to use Hudson Valley taxpayers’ own money to export over 300 adult migrant men to our region. While the blame begins with President Biden’s refusal to secure the border, allowing a record number of people to illegally enter our country, Governor Hochul and Mayor Adams have compounded the President’s failure and unfairly burdened Hudson Valley taxpayers and families.

Late this afternoon I participated in the first briefing provided by Mayor Adams' Office with elected officials on all levels of government. It is abundantly clear that their plan is wholly inadequate to deal with the current situation let alone the coming wave of migrants. 

While the Governor and Mayor point fingers at President Biden this crisis is a result of the failed policies and political pandering of the Democrat Party at every level. Hudson Valley taxpayers must not be victimized by this absurd level of incompetence. 

Submitted by Brewster, NY

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