DIY Project for the New Year: Memory Jar

Tired of making New Year’s Resolutions? Why not make a memory jar?

The idea is to fill a jar with a note about any of those little things that make life special, funny, sad, inspiring, etc.

It’s simple.

  1.          Get a jar with a top – like a big mason jar or one of those big plastic jugs from a warehouse club.
  2.          Decorate it.
  3.          Keep a pad of fun colored notepaper or sticky notes and a pen nearby. 
  4.          Everyone can chip in – even houseguests – and place a memory in the jar.
  5.          Then on New Year’s Eve or Day 2018, pull out the jar and read all the memories that made 2017 great!

Looking for ideas to put into the jar:

  •       Funny thing someone said
  •       New recipe you tried
  •       Something nice someone did for you
  •       Something that made you sad
  •       Great Meal, movie, event, show, etc.
  •       Something you are grateful for
  •       Inspirational quote from a friend
  •       Special trip
  •       Any little thing that made your day
  •       Predictions

No Peeking Until The New Year.

Submitted by Brewster, NY

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