Top 3 Tips for College Visits

At this time of year, many seniors visit the colleges and universities that are on the “list” that they have received from their counselors. It is important to remember that just as you are looking for the perfect college, the colleges are looking for their ideal students. 

When you visit each school, you want to take the following steps to ensure that you remember each college accurately. (These steps are particularly important if you are visiting multiple colleges on one day or a weekend.)

1. Take photos of places that are relevant to your decision. For example, an actual dorm room or a lab might be useful when making a final decision.

2. Bring home a copy of the school newspaper. It will tell you about the events on campus and what the students value.

3. Ask questions during the tour and the information session and note the answers. Although it feels like you will remember everything, in reality, the answers will not be as clear once you leave that campus.

Your photos and notes will be useful when you begin to compare colleges! If you are an EA Test Prep student or have already registered for the fall sessions, please give us a call and we would be happy to provide additional EA College Tour Tips.

If you are a senior who is not satisfied with your SAT or ACT score or a junior who wants to take the test, EA Test Prep will be happy to help you succeed on either exam. We will begin preparing students for the October SAT on August 30 and for the October ACT onOctober 11.  For information, contact us at 845-582-0017 or, or if you want to read about our programs, visit us at

Don’t miss this opportunity to succeed on the exam. Historically, EA Test Prep students increase their scores by 200 points after taking the course!

Submitted by Brewster, NY

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