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Ponytail Donations! EVENT DAY


Every year, thousands of people lose their hair due to Cancer treatment (and other medical ailments). Many times a person’s “do” is strongly linked to their identity so losing it really is a huge emotional toll. Thankfully, there are programs, companies and non-profits to help! Hair We Share gives wigs to those in medical need BUT to make them, they need ponytails!


We are asking for donations of 8 inch of longer ponytails! We have 3 hairdressers coming on June 1st from 4 - 8 pm to cut and collect your hair. If you are interested you can walk up during our event. We do have sign ups available though which will make your time in the hair tent that much quicker (and more enjoyable!) Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more info or to sign up! Sign ups are 3 per half hour!


We promise you will leave happy and a little lighter! It takes 10 hours and a lot of love to make one wig, so if you can give a few minutes and inches to help give someone their confidence back!

We already have 6 people signed up!


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