Green Chimneys announces Newman’s Own Foundation to match donations through December 31st

A letter to the community from the Executive Director of Green Chimneys Edward W. Placke.
"Thanks to a generous matching gift from Newman’s Own Foundation, every dollar you give — up to $50,000 — before December 31 will double!
Your gift will go directly to The Campaign for the Farm & Wildlife Center, a facility which requires substantial, consistent, and permanent funding.
We believe that the human-animal bond is powerful and transformative. We believe that being surrounded by animals and nature can bring healing and growth.
And here’s a perfect example. A new boy on the Green Chimneys campus was feeling nervous on his first day. When Aimee O’Brien, our Head Equine Program Instructor, heard about him, she orchestrated with his teacher for a visitor. Aimee rode a horse named Chief over to the boy’s open classroom window. Chief stuck his head inside to greet the boy, who stroked the horse’s face and said, “I think he likes me!”
“My heart melted,” Aimee says. “The horses are my therapeutic partners and teachers, and I feel blessed to have these extremely meaningful interactions.”
I’m sure your heart melts too. And I’m sure you, like me, want to ensure that such stories keep occurring at Green Chimneys for years to come.
So please make one last, tax-deductible gift in 2019. It will double to provide twice as much help and hope.
Edward W. Placke, Ed.D.
Executive Director
Click here to donate to Green Chimneys via PayPal.


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